Discover what styles work for your body shape and how to


Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: £115
Includes: Personalised Style Notes




  • Get to know your current body shape, appreciate it and understand your best features.

  • Learn your best clothing styles and cuts for your body shape including: Dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, tops, cardigans/sweaters,  blazers, jackets and coats.

  • Learn how to pick your best accessories for different ocassions.

  • Learn how to dress to combat any problem areas such as: Tummy, bust, arms, hips, short legs, short neck, short waist, etc.

  • Learn what your wardrobe essentials are and how to use them effectively.

  • Learn how to pick shoes and accessories

  • Learn how to dress effectively for different occasions.

  • **Find out how to maximise your wardrobe by MIXING AND MATCHING items in ways that changes their appearance- ensuring you never get caught wearing the same outfit twice.


**You will receive detailed notes (including pictures/images) you can refer back to.


In a perfect world, every trend, cut, and piece looks amazing on every single person — but in our world , not all fashion is created equal. When fashion presents us with so many choices both in shops and online, it is sometimes quite hard to find where we fit in and what suits us; after all, we all look different from one another. Real women come in different shapes and sizes and we can't all dress the same.


 Being well dressed does not mean dressing expensively or being at the cutting edge of fashion, it simply means complementing your colouring, flattering your body lines and proportions, as well as being appropriate, looking current and matching your style personality. You can immediately improve the appearance of your shape by adopting the art of clever dressing.  By considering your body lines, personality and budget, I can show you how to select clothes and accessories that will flatter your shape, make you look stylish and feel more confident. Shopping will be less time consuming and your choices will be much more obvious. No more time wasting, money wasting, and wardrobe malfunctions! 


My style consultation is designed in such a way that the knowledge you acquire from the consultation lasts you a lifetime- A great investment and value for your money. This session is very practical and visual so that you thoroughly understand the concepts and you can apply them effectively for effortless style.



Prior to your consultation, I will require you to fill in a pre-profliling form to enable me tailor my services to suit your needs.


To get the full benefit of your style consultation and save money, I strongly advise you to book this with a colour consultation which will fully equip you with the know-how of your body shape and colouring and what styles work best for you.


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