Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: £105
Includes: Personalised Fabric Colour Swatch

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel, how others perceive us and even how we combine our clothing and accessories. When we get it right, it transforms our look, our wardrobe and our shopping habits.

Colour is a fantastic tool for giving your overall look an instant boost. By simply wearing colours (shades) that complement your features or natural colouring, you can instantly enhance your natural looks; appearing healthier, vibrant and younger. The wrong shades can make you look dull, tired and older.


Colour is also the back bone of style; therefore, to be able to mix and match your clothing, shoes and accessories effectively, a thorough understanding of colour is required. With this new life-changing knowledge, you can look your best every day, coordinate your wardrobe better and achieve more outfit combinations. This knowledge will also come in handy when picking the right make-up shades and even in interior decorating!

My colour consultation has the greatest impact on my client’s personal style - even the most sceptical. As they embrace wearing those colours that flatter them the most and apply a few basic rules for mixing and matching shades, they transform their wardrobe and shopping habits, saving both time and money on wrong purchases in the long run. So empower yourself with the ultimate weapon to look your best for any occasion with my highly rated signature colour consultation.


  • Analyse the impact of various colour shades to discover those that suit you best (Undertone, Value and Clarity)

  • Identify your unique colour group and colour palette

  • Learn how to easily recognise your best shades when you are out in shops without relying on your colour wallet.

  • Discover your best colour shades for clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up.

  • Learn how to mix and match colours to create different looks

  • Discover how to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations


  • You will be provided with visual examples throughout the consultation

  • You will receive a fabric colour wallet (containing all your colours) and a folder with your notes (report) at the end of your session including images you can refer back to.


My colour consultation is designed in such a way that the knowledge you acquire from the consultation lasts you a lifetime- A great investment and value for your money. This session is very practical and visual so that you thoroughly understand the concepts and you can apply them effectively for effortless style.

To get the full benefit of your colour consultation and save money, I strongly advise you to book this with a style consultation which will fully equip you all the essential personal style know-how you need to make informed purchases of clothes you’ll love to wear. 

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