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Do you feel like discovering and cultivating your own unique style is simply too difficult? You’d be surprised by how empowering, painless and confidence-building it is to unlock your true style potential, when you’ve got my guidance and support. What you really need is a style system that works for your body, colouring and lifestyle. My Style Packages will give you the foundations, knowledge and and ability to transform your personal style into something fresh, flattering and  inspiring. By investing in yourself through consulting a style expert, you will LOOK more stylish, FEEL more confident and TRANSFORM your personal style and image- EFFORTLESSLY!

I have put together the following packages to help you save money on multiple sessions and fully equip  you with the know-how of how to become a more stylish and attractive YOU! Start your style journey with confidence right away... Simply scroll down the page  to find the right package for you. Feel free to contact me on for any questions.

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(Home and Studio Consultations Available)

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style makeover
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)
(Includes Mixing and Matching)

​(1 DAY PROGRAMME)- (Great Value!)

Duration: 3 Hours (Same Day)    


Cost : Meet In Person (Studio): £135 (Save £95)

*Perfect if you want to feel great in what you wear! Learn how to dress your shape, how to pick colours that uplift rather than drain you and how to look stylish for any occasion- effortlessly! Shopping and wardrobe decluttering becomes so much easier. Banish those style dilemma's forever and save money on wrong purchases.

 Style Consultation + Colour Consultation + Hairstyle Consultation

​(1 DAY PROGRAMME) -( Most Popular!)

Duration: 4 Hours (Same Day)


Cost: Meet In person (Studio): £165 (Save £130!)

*Perfect if you want to LOOK and FEEL your best every day. Learn the skills to dress your shape, wear the right colours and learn how to expertly enhance your natural beauty through your hairstyle (cut & colour choices). A great confidence booster!

(*Make-up can be swapped with the hairstyle Consultation for the same cost).



Style Consultation + Colour Consultation + Capsule Wardrobe Personal Shopping

(1 DAY PROGRAMME) ( Popular )

Duration: 6 Hours (Same Day With break)


Meet In person (Shops- Meet in Glasgow)


Cost£245 (Save £150)

*Perfect if you want to revamp your style and wardrobe! Learn the skills to dress for your shape, recognise your best shades and to mix and match styles and colours. That's not all! Shopping with an expert will give you a much needed kick-start to building a stylish capsule wardrobe by getting you the key pieces to help you create stunning outfits that reflect your current lifestyle.

Style Consultation + Colour Consultation Make-Up Consultation + Hairstyle Consultation 

​(1 DAY PROGRAMME) - (Best Value!)

Duration: 5 Hours (Same Day)


Cost: Meet In person (Studio): £199 (Save £161)

*Perfect if you need a change in your overall image and want to save more money whilst looking your best! Receive expert advice on how to dress your shape, wear shades that will uplift rather than drain you and learn how to expertly enhance your natural beauty through your hairstyle (cut & colour choices) and make-up. An all round image update at a very affordable cost.


Style Consultation + Colour Consultation + Make-Up Consultation + Hairstyle Consultation  + Capsule Wardrobe Personal Shopping 

(2 DAY PROGRAMME)-( Great Value!)

Duration: 5 Hours (Consultations) + 4 Hours (Shopping) -Over 2 Days, Including breaks- Could be done over 1 weekend or two!


Cost :  Meet In person (Studio and Shops): £365 (Save £160)

Perfect if you need a change in your overall image and need new wardrobe to reflect this!

Are you fed up of looking frumpy, uninteresting and dull?

Have you gained or lost weight and need to redefine your style?

Are you at a milestone age and need guidance on dressing appropriately for your age?

If this is you , then its time for you to re-create your image to reflect your current personality and lifestyle! I will  help you transform your overall image into a fresh, stylish, inspiring and confident image that you will own and love going forward.