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My passion is to help men and women of all ages and sizes look and feel great every day with easy style solutions.  I love to share my knowledge learned through training as well as my experience of working with hundreds of men and women over the year to assist you in creating a wardrobe that works for every aspect of your life.  


I believe that who you are should be expressed through your image in an authentic manner so that you really feel like you, not someone trying to be someone or follow a fashion trend that just doesn’t work for you.


By  understanding what works for you, you can create a stylish mix and match wardrobe that's in line with your personality and lifestyle. Just like anything else in life, great style can be learned! What you really need is a style system that works for your figure, colouring and lifestyle. That's where I come in...


Ready to get started? Have a browse on the website, take a look at available services and feel free to CONTACT me at any time. I will be happy to help in any way I can. 

Your Personal Stylist,

Linzi, 39, PA

What an experience! Numba has been a breath of fresh air to me and my wardrobe. I have never been one for fashion/trends and would stick to the same style of clothes which I liked and would be more practical and comfortable than stylish. Thanks to Numba I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward. Numba has a very friendly and warm personality which puts you at ease from the very beginning. I was so far out my comfort zone that it was good to know that I was in safe hands and that it was all tailored specifically to me and my personality. I would highly recommend Numba to everyone who is looking for a new lease of life.

Helen, 38, Project Crontroller

“I loved this part (Style & Shape Analysis) – it just made sense!!!  I’ve always struggled with my shape and would wear things that covered my body rather than enhancing the positives.  Numba explained how to draw attention to the right places and tricks that can be used to cover the areas that need it.  Made me realise there is a shape under those baggy clothes and that actually covering up isn’t always the best option."

Barbara, 59, Business Owner

"I have really enjoyed working with Numba, as it has forced me to look at the clothes I have and how to make them more stylish and flattering to my body shape. I have also enjoyed clothes shopping much more than usual as I have looked at the colours and clothes I would normally have walked past. Numba has been very enthusiastic and is clearly passionate about helping me to improve my style. She is friendly & approachable and has made this whole experience invigorating and fun."




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