Before & After's

There is something so compelling about seeing how different someone can look – especially when it seems to happen by magic (or the flick of a wardrobe stylist’s magic wand!). The ‘magic’ is in the journey and each woman’s journey to discover her personal style is different.

Each of these women you see here (from a wide range of age groups) had questions about her wardrobe. They wanted to understand how to choose clothing that make them feel beautiful, learn why some things work and others don’t and receive the tools that make shopping more enjoyable and productive. What you see here are the results of our journey together.


This experience changed their lives and their relationship with their wardrobe and bodies. The beaming smiles you see in the ‘after’ pictures are just one indication of how a natural radiance shines through when someone feels fabulous about how she looks. She just can’t hide it!


I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward!

Linzi, 39 (Personal Assistant)

What an experience! Numba has been a breath of fresh air to me and my wardrobe. I have never been one for fashion/trends and would stick to the same style of clothes which I liked and would be more practical and comfortable than stylish.


Thanks to Numba I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward. Numba has a very friendly and warm personality which puts you at ease from the very beginning. I was so far out my comfort zone that it was good to know that I was in safe hands and that it was all tailored specifically to me and my personality.


I would highly recommend Numba to everyone who is looking for a little inspiration or who is looking for a new lease of life.

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You've made me love my wardrobe and love dressing every day, so for that I am immensely grateful.

Becci A, 28

People that see me since our sessions say to me, "ooh, why are you all dressed up?" even when I wear something I've quickly thrown together! You've made it so easy to do - even for me who is relatively shy, self conscious and didn't think I had the body or the height (being only 5") to pull off nice clothes.


I initially assumed that the reviews from other clients talking about the difference you made must have been already fashionable people, but you truly are a genius when it comes to providing simple tools that make a big, long-lasting difference. Once you learn the tools you don't un-learn them, so this way of thinking will impact my style forever.


This was truly one of the most fun, rewarding and valuable things I've done and what a way to brighten up my lockdown, with a total wardrobe re-vamp and having the opportunity to get to know you. You've made me love my wardrobe and love dressing every day, so for that I am immensely grateful.


Numba is so knowledgable and Passionate...

Jo Martin, 39 (Personal Trainer)

I was lucky enough to get to work with Numba, and I can’t believe how much I learnt in such a small amount of time.


Numba is so knowledgeable and so passionate in what she does that you get caught up in it! Super positive though constructive in any criticism, she is a guiding light in regards to the mysteries of women’s bodies and how to dress them.


Things I had never thought of previously, never even crossed my mind made perfect sense, and so many questions were answered.




Colour is so important in your dress style...

Lorraine Tate, 60- Retired Business Executive

I was unsure what the programme would involve initially and was a little apprehensive. However, after my consultation with Numba on a Zoom call, I became quite excited and inspired to follow the programme, looking forward to preparing for my ‘5 day challenge.’ The challenge involved compiling outfits from my existing wardrobe based upon the style information knowledge I had gained, along with the inspiration Numba provided in guiding me to achieve a more stylish me.

Colour is so important in your dress style; knowing how to combine certain bold colours, prints, shoes, handbags, all of which complete your outfit no matter how casual, formal or sophisticated your requirements are – all of this knowledge gained in the programme!!

No matter what age, or shape we are, you can really transform your appearance with the style principles that Numba provides so professionally, all aimed at given you a new found confidence in your personal style. I absolutely loved it !!


I have always struggled with my shape...

Helen B, 38 (Project Controller)

Since the start of Covid, I have been mainly living in ‘comfy’ clothes and had started to find dressing for any occasion other than working from home was an issue, I felt I had lost any style that I’d previously had and didn’t know what suited me….until I found Numba!

Numba was an excellent support during this process. I’ve always struggled with my shape and would wear things that covered my body rather than enhancing the positives. Numba explained how to draw attention to the right places and tricks that can be used to cover the areas that need it. Made me realise there is a shape under those baggy clothes and that actually covering up isn’t always the best option.

I felt that Numba provided that personal touch throughout the whole process.I am so glad I chose to work with Numba and would highly recommend her to others.


It’s so easy to become stuck in a rut...

Wilma, 39 (Commercial Director)

Numba has so much knowledge to share and does so in a very fun and supportive manner. She really encouraged me to become the most effortlessly stylish version of myself irrespective.

The practical application of her advice to create looks each day (The 5 Day Challenge) under her guidance really helped build my confidence to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different looks for different occasions.

It’s so easy to become stuck in a rut. Numba's formula for smart casual, advice for dressing my shape and her exclusive LOVE formula make so much sense. I would highly recommend!


I'm looking forward to this new adventure...

Moira Warnock, 47 (Project Manager)

Although I had always known I was pear shaped (bigger on the bottom), I had never thought about trying to bring the object of attention above my widest part. It seems daft now that something so logical was missing when I got dressed every day!

And...who knew that my trusty black work tops were in fact making me look older, well Numba did! There is a lot more colour in my life now.


 Numba gives great guidance and encouragement throughout as well as tips and suggestions for moving style to the next level.


I really am at the start of my style journey, having worn the same kind of clothes for the last twenty five or more years, but after just a few hours with Numba, I see things differently and more importantly I see it doesn’t need to be difficult. I’m looking forward to this new adventure.


I have had many compliments on my look

Amy, 36 (Doctor)

This was an amazing experience and has totally changed how I look at my wardrobe. Numba is an amazing lady who has a gift for making it seem very easy and effortless to put together a stylish outfit, and by the end of the course you will have the tools to do this yourself. She advocates utilising the clothes and accessories you already have to enhance your look with maybe a few key items to add to your next shopping trip.

I have learnt so much doing this package and now have an understanding of what colours suit me, what style reflects my personality and how to put the clothes I have together to achieve a stylish, effortless look. I have had many compliments on my new look and have also past on some of the tips to my friends. I am a busy working mum with 3 young children so doing the sessions online was great for me and made it very accessible. I would definitely recommend working with Numba to all of my friends and family.


 I am looking at colours and clothes I would normally have walked past... 

Barbara, 59 (Business Owner)

I have really enjoyed working with Numba, as it has forced me to look at the clothes I have and how to make them more stylish and flattering to my body shape.


I am also enjoying clothes shopping much more than usual as I am looking at the colours and clothes I would normally have walked past.


I have always enjoyed having colour in my clothes however I now have a much better understanding of shades of colours that suit me best and which compliment each other.


Numba has been very enthusiastic and is clearly passionate about helping me improve my style. She is friendly & approachable and has made this whole experience invigorating and fun.