Professional image consultation personal branding glasgow edinburgh
Professional image consultation personal branding glasgow edinburgh


Duration: 3 Hours (Same Day)  




Stuio Consultation: £155

Do you feel that your professional image may be letting you down?


Whether your are in an empolyed role or self employed, your image will impact immensely on how you appear to others which will may reflect on you, your company or your business in a negative or positive way .


Projecting a confident and approachable  image whilst looking stylish and  staying true to who you are or what you represent  is something most women struggle with. Let me teach and empower you  to achieve true, inspiring confident style that lasts to reflect the type of woman you want to be- The type of woman that is well respected in her role or industry.

Your personal image is one of the most important “YOU” assets that you own. Your personal image, the perception that people have about you, affects your success in every aspect of life – your life on the job, your social life, even your "personal" relationships with others.This is true because, no matter who you are or what you do, your success, ultimately, depends on what other people THINK about you – the image they have of you.Your Image is a form of communication.


My job as an image consultant is to ensure that the best version of you is externally reflected and clearly communicated even if you don't say a word. Together, we will work on creating a positive personal brand and maximise personal impact, ensuring you are remembered for all the right reasons.


Given the number of hours you spend at work, it’s important you feel comfortable and confident with your look – for this can have a great bearing on your professional demeanour. I can help you identify the right professional image for you and teach you how to portray that image in how you dress.



  • Identify your most flattering colours and shades to match your colouring, ensuring that the right shades make you look healthy, bright and energertic.

  • Identify the right styles for your body shape, ensuring that they flatter you and complement your best features.

  • Learn how to create a range of outfits for your work environment.

  • Find out how to maximise your professional wardrobe by mixing and matching items in ways that changes their appearance- ensuring you never get caught wearing the same outfit twice.

  • Learn how to create complete outfits for different work occasions.

  • Learn how to use the concept of yin and yang in clothing and accessories to appear more approachable or powerful.

  • Learn how to create a stylish capsule wardrobe for work occasions.


**You will receive detailed notes (including pictures/images) you can refer back to.

**Prior to your consultation, I will require you to complete a pre-profliling form to enable me tailor my services to suit your needs.