Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: £195
Includes: Shopping List + Bonuses

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes that are rarely worn or have been forgotten? Does your wardrobe need a real makeover?

Turn your cluttered wardrobe into an easy to use, inspiring and fun to wear collection of clothing and accessories and create a wider range of outfits using pieces you already own. A streamlined wardrobe, filled only with items you love to wear, can help make decisions about putting together outfits much easier, ultimately ensuring you always look your absolute best. I will help you weed out the tatty, the old fashioned, the worn out, the stretched and just the plain wrong stuff!


  • You will open your wardrobe and finally like everything you see​

  • Your wardrobe will be well organised and your choices much more obvious​

  • You will be able to put together a stylish outfit in less than 5 minutes!​

  • You will be excited about fashion again- You will become much more creative with your outfit choices​

  • - You know exactly what pieces are missing from your wardrobe to give you the 'looks' you're after​

  • You will save  money by not repeating past mistakes