Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: £195
Includes: Shopping List + Bonuses

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes that are rarely worn or have been forgotten? Does your wardrobe need a real makeover? A streamlined wardrobe, filled only with items you love to wear, can help make decisions about putting together outfits much easier, ultimately ensuring you always look your absolute best. This session will help you maximise the use of your entire wardrobe by making space and creating order. I will help you weed out the tatty, the old fashioned, the worn out, the stretched and just the plain wrong stuff!



  • Evaluate the contents of your wardrobe to identify items that work for you and those that don't and ensuring that those that no longer work for you are discarded for charity or re-sale. Clothes that are left behind should be those that make you feel good and comfortable. 

  • Carefully rearrange your wardrobe in a way that makes it easy to find items of clothing and build an outfit.

  • Create a capsule collection for any lifestyle

  • Decide what essential pieces are missing, so you’ve a purposeful shopping list that’ll avoid wasting money on bad buys and fashion mistakes.


Within a few short hours, with my expert help, you and your wardrobe will be LIBERATED! I will advise you on how to co-ordinate your clothes in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. My concept for todays dressing, is to build your wardrobe in response to your needs... which will take you through from day to dinner, workday to weekend leisure time and also making your wardrobe work for you throughout the season!


This session will  help you take control, make space and create order so that you can use your wardrobe more efficiently in the future and have wardrobe that’s varied yet works together – befitting your unique look and lifestyle.


If you’ve never had a session with a personal stylist before, I recommend my Colour Consultation and Style Consultation sessions before undertaking your Wardrobe Weeding & Styling Session, although this is not a must.


I offer a style and colour combo/package HERE.