Learn how to create a fabulous mix and match wardrobe without relying on black!

If you love the sound of simplifying your wardrobe, creating an effortless mix and match wardrobe or wearing less black, this book is for you!

Author and Professional Personal Stylist Numba Pinkerton shares her knowledge and insider tips for real women with real budgets.

Discover the life changing way to create an effortless mix and match wardrobe!



The book reveals practical strategies, mindsets and tips designed to help readers:

* Feel more confident in their style

* Simplify and build a more coordinated wardrobe

* Save time and money on wrong purchases.


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“I recommend this book to all women!!!!

I am forever complaining that I have nothing to wear even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes. I also never feel confident enough to wear patterns and colours, so the majority of my outfits result in dark colours or simply just plain black and boring. However, after reading this book, I now feel as though I have the confidence to experiment new styles and colours! Numba has made it so simple, and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long!”


~Laura W (Editor & Journalist)

London, UK


I consider this book essential reading for all women, and this is coming from someone who takes very little interest in fashion or clothes! It's really not the 'typical' fashion / style advice I have carefully side-stepped for well, forever. Numba has managed to make this applicable to even the non fashion types like me, the women who don't want to load up on new clothes every season and who often dread shopping. Actually, I think it's written exactly for women like us. If you look in your wardrobe and wonder what to wear with a sigh, or if you continually find yourself wearing the same stuff and then replacing it with the same stuff when it becomes threadbare - Get This Book!!”

~ Sarah Q (eader)

Glasgow, UK 



As a person who is guilty of buying new clothes without much thought of her existing wardrobe, this book was awesome.  It makes a great point in the beginning about how our clothes directly reflect our confidence within ourselves.  This interesting notion really made me think about the items that I choose to wear on a regular basis and if they truly reflect how I feel about myself.  I have always had trouble trying to determine whether I have more of a warm or cool tone.  About ten seconds into the color palette, I knew which one I was and the colors to look for!

Filled with great topics and ideas, I am so glad I came across this novel.  I have never been one to have a lot of ‘fashion sense’ but I feel much more prepared for my future shopping trips.  Everything is spelled out and displayed so nicely, making it very easy for anyone to understand.

The No Black Project by Numba Pinkerton is honestly one of the best and most helpful books that I have read in a long time and I highly recommend it!

~Samantha G  (Reader)
Haslett, USA


To order the E-Book, simply click 'Buy Now' below:


*You will receive a personal email from Author and Stylist Numba Pinkerton with the E-Book and downloadable colour palettes to print.