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Less Style Overwhelm

More Style Confidence

More Style Freedom


Take your style to a whole new level... 

And enjoy a capsule wardrobe full of stylish clothes you'll just love to wear! 

Let me guess….

You used to be able to throw anything on and look stylish, right?
You used to have fewer clothes and yet somehow still had an outfit for every occasion.
You used to love fashion and felt amazing in everything you wore.
Maybe you had kids and suddenly had no more time for yourself yourself…

Maybe your weight changed, and you no longer knew how to find your style…

Maybe your to-do list just kept getting longer, and style had to be pushed to the bottom of the list...  
If any of the above sounds familiar, then it probably means:
- Shopping has become frustrating because you can never find ANYTHING that works for your shape, age or lifestyle.

- You've resorted to wearing a lot of black because you have no idea how to use colour to its full potential.

- Your wardrobe is overstuffed but you struggle to match your current pieces

- OR your wardrobe is threadbare because you can never find anything new that suits.

- You find it a challenge day after day to present the best version of yourself to the world. 

- You struggle to feel stylish, comfortable and joyful in what you wear. 

- You know deep down that your style is letting you down in your personal life or career.

- You might have tried the advice of the fashion magazines or online blogs, but it never works and as a result you’ve wasted SO much money on the wrong clothes.

- You use Pinterest for inspiration and ask your girlfriends for help and feedback, but you're still not achieving the look you want.

- You hope an expensive handbag will magically fix your style problems and upgrade your look. They might help for a while, but they never solve the issue for long. 

Sadly, you've lost your way with regards to your style, and you're on the verge of giving up:

You've stopped shopping… stopped looking… stopped trying.

You've started pretending that you don’t care.

But really, you do.

We ALL do.

- Everything in your wardrobe fits, flatters, and makes you feel amazing!

- You have a fail-safe system for choosing and putting together outfits that look great every time

- You're more confident and creative with colour… no more dressing all in black!

- Your style represents who you really are on the inside

- You have fewer clothes clogging up your wardrobe, but still have multiple options for any occasion

- Shopping is a simple, pleasurable and exciting experience

- You save money in the long run, while still looking stylish everyday

Well, you don't NEED to imagine because all of these things

are possible for you, beautiful lady!

And the best part is, you don’t have to wait a moment longer

to start feeling good in your clothes… regardless of your size, shape or age!

Now you've made the decision to define your personal style, build your capsule wardrobe and change your life.


The overwhelm.
The uncertainty.
The negative mind talk.
I bet you've been put off by
at least one of the following in the past:

There are a thousand tutorials, blogs, and opinions and they all contradict each other… where do you even start? All this information leaves you with no clarity on the simple steps you actually need to take to look your best and build your ideal wardrobe. 

A fresh start can feel overwhelming and expensive –


You don’t feel like you have the time to spare. Whether it's work, children, or a combination of a million other things, you don’t have the luxury of throwing away precious hours on trial and error! 

But, what if there was a way to really look AND feel amazing everyday - for any occasion - without splashing out thousands of pounds on new clothes?









From my experience of styling hundreds of women over the last 10 years,

I am here to tell you that there is NOTHING wrong with your body.

You should not be put in a box and you shouldn't have to struggle to look and feel your best.  


 Personal style and colour should be easy and enjoyable.

That's why I’ve created a system that allows you to more intuitively dress for your shape, experiment with colour, and build a stylish capsule wardrobe you'll love… without spending a fortune on new clothes!


No More Time Wasted,

No More Money Wasted,

No More Overwhelm


Get ready to enjoy more freedom, time and money to spend on other, more important areas of your life…


This is a complete, step-by-step programme (using the S.C.O.R.E. Method) that will show you how to define your personal style,
dress for your shape + colouring, shop better
and build a stylish capsule wardrobe you'll love.
SOPS is the equivalent of my complete transformation one-on-one programme  (unicon package), which includes a colour, style, wardrobe and shopping consultation all wrapped up in a comprehensive and engaging programme you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

STOP Making Style Mistakes!

START creating your ideal style and wardrobe with



Defining your personal style is the easiest way to have a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear.

It takes the guesswork, the uncertainty and the frustration out of shopping for clothes and creating outfits.

School of Personal Style is an investment in YOU!

Not only will you feel empowered and confident in your style, but you’ll also make better purchasing choices along the way, saving you time, energy and money.

Start your School of Personal Style journey now and begin expressing your personal style with confidence right away. I’ll show you how!



The results speak for themselves.

Wilma, 49 (Commercial Director)

“Numba has so much knowledge to share and does so in a very fun and supportive manner. She really encouraged me to become the most effortlessly stylish version of myself irrespective. The practical application of her advice to create looks each day (The 5 Day Challenge) under her guidance really helped build my confidence to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different looks for different occasions.”

Amy, 36 (Doctor)

“I have learnt so much doing this course and now have an understanding of what colours suit me, what style reflects my personality and how to put the clothes I have together to achieve a stylish, effortless look. I have had many compliments on my new look and have also passed on some of the tips to my friends. I am a busy working mum with 3 young children so doing the sessions online was great for me and made it very accessible. I would definitely recommend working with Numba to all of my friends and family.”

Linzi, 40 - Personal Assistant

“What an experience! Numba has been a breath of fresh air to me and my wardrobe. I have never been one for fashion/trends and would stick to the same style of clothes which I liked and would be more practical and comfortable, rather than stylish.Thanks to Numba I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward. I was so far out my comfort zone that it was good to know that I was in safe hands”

Before & After Challenges.png
Before and After Images of real students after taking my course...
 (Using Pieces from their current wardrobes)

“Since the start of Covid, I have been mainly living in ‘comfy’ clothes and had started to find dressing for any occasion other than working from home was an issue, I felt I had lost any style that I’d previously had and didn’t know what suited me….until I found Numba!”

Helen B, 38

It seems daft now that something so logical was missing when I got dressed every day! And...who knew that my trusty black work tops were in fact making me look older, well Numba did! There is a lot more colour in my life now. Numba gives great guidance and encouragement throughout as well as tips and suggestions for moving style to the next level.”

Moira Warnock, 47

“I initially assumed that the reviews from other clients talking about the difference you made must have been already fashionable people, but you truly are a genius when it comes to providing simple tools that make a big, long-lasting difference. Once you learn the tools you don't un-learn them, so this way of thinking will impact my style forever.”

Becci A, 28

Hi, I'm Numba Pinkerton 

I’m Numba Pinkerton ( a fashion model turned Personal Stylist), and inside School Of Personal Style, I’m going to share what I believe to be the best style course ever built! 

I have always loved fashion, and I am passionate about helping other women develop their unique style, feel good in what they wear and use style as a means to enhance their lifestyles.

When I was 18, I was casted to model for a fashion show and wasn’t picked for the show because I had ‘hips’ and was in between sizes. No amount of diet or exercise got rid of my hips, and I started to see them as a flaw!


I would dread the fashion shows that featured tailored trousers fearing they would get stuck on my hips. Having a different size top and bottom was a nuisance for many designers and I didn’t fit into many ‘boxes’ because of how I looked. 

When your style and image are taken care of, you can focus your time and energy on other, more important areas of your life.

Every woman deserves to make an impact… and that includes YOU.

But here’s the truth… you need a mentor.

Someone who understands your daily struggles, your "awkward shape" or lack of style confidence.

Someone who walks the walk, and knows what you're going through because she's been there too.

Someone knowledgeable and good at what they do. That someone is me!

There’s a reason you've found your way to MY page and are interested in learning from ME instead of others. We connect. I’m right there with you!

My style confidence was at a low point. Though I loved being a model and featuring in different magazines, I knew that the version of me in the pictures wasn’t real. The real me definitely wasn’t as confident as she appeared in the photos… my wardrobe didn’t reflect my authentic self… and for someone who loves colour, I had far too much black! I just wasn’t where I wanted to be.

That's when I decided to transform my life by re-defining my style, rebuilding my wardrobe from the bottom up, and recapturing my body confidence. The minute I decided to do this, everything changed for me!

I began to land the highest paid jobs I'd ever had, got hired to do speaking events and am still frequently featured in the media. My confidence soared over the years and I started to really appreciate my body… even the bits I once saw as flaws.

The benefits of my transformation were so great that I decided to teach other women how to define their style, build their wardrobes and create an image that reflects their authentic selves.


Pick School of Personal Style If...​

If you’re sick of feeling boring, dull and dowdy….you know there has to be a way to actually look and feel great in your clothing regardless of your shape and size…
If you have always wondered how certain women always look “put together”. You’d like to achieve the same aesthetic, an authentic style that will stand the test of time- but are not sure how.
If you’ve TRIED the hacks/quizzes/seen other stylists—but still don’t feel like your style, image and confidence are where they need to be…
You want to get yourself sorted once and for all.
If you have a full wardrobe, but always feel like you have nothing to wear…
You love the idea of a wardrobe with less clothes but more outfit options but not sure what you need to keep or discard...

Are you ready to transform your style & wardrobe?


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