Regencycore: A guide to Wearing Bridgerton-Style Accessories

Obsessed with Bridgerton style? Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery shares his insight into the top jewellery trends in the show, along with some styling tips.

There's something charmingly addictive about Netflix's latest hit series Bridgerton that has made us go crazy for Regency-era fashion. From corsets worn over t-shirts to puff sleeves and flowing skirts, fans of the show have been finding ways to incorporate the outfits seen in the show to their own modern wardrobes, in a trend that has been dubbed 'Recencycore'.

When you look at the outfits the characters wear, you'll notice that they use of a lot of accessories. So, if you want to pull off this look, one of the key ways to do so is to know which jewellery and other finer touches to choose.

Below, I'll take you through some key Regencycore accessory trends to take note of.

1. Statement earrings

Perhaps the easiest way to add that Bridgerton look to any outfit is to invest in a pair of statement earrings. These can include girandole or chandelier earrings where several ornaments cascade down from a central stone, and feature lots of detailing to demonstrate extravagant wealth. But any kind of attention-stealing earring will do the trick.

The addition of statement earrings is a simple way to dress up a casual outfit or elevate your evening wear in seconds. Wear your hair up to balance out the look and show off your fancy jewellery.

2. Delicate diamonds

If lots of bling isn't your style, another trend seen in the series is the use of dainty little diamond studs and solitaire rings by the lead character, Daphne. Diamonds are amongst the most expensive jewels available, so by keeping the design around them simple is a great way to add subtlety to your style while still looking expensive. In other words, with this approach, the diamonds do the talking.

This style is very feminine and will suit a plain, minimalist outfit that allows the jewellery to shine. A subdued jewellery look can also be best if you plan to wear an extra bold hair accessory but don't want to over-accessorise.

3. Hair accessories

Hair adornments featured heavily in Bridgerton, from the elaborate wigs worn by the queen to the simple flowers, bows, and ribbons favoured by the younger members of society. You can easily recreate this by adding embellished slides and clips to your hairdo, or choose a bejewelled hairband for a more modern interpretation.

You can find hair accessories to suit almost any style of dress, but why not experiment by adding brooches, stone-set necklaces, or bracelets to your updo?

4. Coloured jewels

The women of Bridgerton use colour to add personality to their style, from the deep sensual purples and reds of Siena Rosso's palette to the pure innocent white of Daphne the debutante. Jewellery has been quite monochromatic and minimalist for the past decade or so, but trends like Regencycore are helping to bring colour back in fashion. So, look for emerald greens, ruby reds, and bold blue sapphires to give your jewellery box an update.

5. Regency motifs

The Regency period had a very distinct style, mostly due to the silhouette of the dresses, repeated motifs and patterns, and the use of light materials weighed down with accessories — all of which were inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome. When choosing your accessories, think bold jewellery, metal flowers and garlands, and lots of embellishment. This way, you're sure to build up a collection of Regencycore jewellery to add a Late Georgian twist to your outfits.

The tips in this guide can help you choose the right jewellery and accessories to pull off a Bridgerton-inspired look. This trend is a great excuse to get creative, so have fun with your looks and show off your personality.

Images used for illustration purposes only.

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