When the temperature drops and the weather doesn’t play ball, putting together a stylish outfit is the last thing on your mind. Sweats, Jumpers, cardigans (or anything comfortable) are the default, because face it, the only way you're getting out of bed is in an outfit that basically feels like you never left!

However, there is a simple solution that's poised to make getting ready in winter all the easier, and the good news is it's not only easy — it's stylish. It’s all about embracing your existing neutrals and nailing how to wear them in a fashion-forward way. Not only does it take next to no effort to throw neutrals together, there's something inherently luxe about neutral shades, paired in the right way.

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand how neutrals work (See image below). Neutrals can be divided into 2 categories: Warm and Cool neutrals. Warm neutrals (Botton left) include Dark Brown, Light Brown, Tan, Carmel, Beige and Cream. Cool neutrals (bottom right) include: Black, Charcoal Grey, Medium Grey, Stone grey, light grey and white. Warm neutrals typically tend to look best with ‘warmer shades’ (left) and cool neutrals tend to look best with ‘cooler shades' (right). Navy is a universal neutral which works with both warm and cool shades.

Neutrals can sometimes be worn with each other in a way that looks stylish and sophisticated. The key to wearing neutral head-to-toe is layering textures and mixing variations of warm and cool neutrals, whilst keeping the shades that look best on you closer to your face.

Here are 3 examples on how to wear neutrals the ‘un-boring’ way:


From opposite ends of the neutral spectrum, black and brown can be paired together to create a great look. Although wearing black and brown together is often considered to be one of the biggest fashion “don’ts,” we all know that fashion rule is outdated. When done right, black and brown look surprisingly chic together in the same outfit. If the shades seem a little dark on you, use accessories in cream or nude to soften the look. A pair of shoes or bag in an animal print can also add some interest to the overall outfit.


Why not try mixing two classic winter colours (on opposite ends of the neutral colour wheel) — grey and camel — into a single outfit. Use a splash of black in form of an accessory such as shoes or bag to complete the look. The result creates a classic, yet fashion-forward look.


After mastering the art of mixing two neutrals, why try combining three (or more!) neutrals into a single outfit. This can work for a multitude of different colour combinations, however, navy provides a great base for adding two or more neutral shades due to it’s versatility. Again, working with opposite ends of the neutral spectrum, try pairing navy with white and splashes of beige. Use splashes of navy, nude or tan in form of accessories to complete the look.

I hope this blog provides some fresh inspiration for wearing your neutrals.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton.