How To Wear A Long Skirt In Winter

It surprises me how so very few women wear skirts! Whilst it's easy to rely on your favourite jeans-and-sweater combo during winter, sometimes, switching up your go to outfit is exactly what you need to lift your mood.

Long-skirt outfits that are as practical as your go-to jeans-and-knits ensembles but feel slightly more elevated and sophisticated. Long skirts are great for the wintertime because they offer up maximum coverage. Plus, if you choose to wear tights or leggings, it's easy to conceal them under your long skirt; although, of course, you can also let the hosiery peek through for added colour or texture.

So the question is…How do you pull it off? Here are some ideas on how to wear a long skirt in winter:

Wear with An oversized Sweater

Most of us will have an oversized sweater in our wardrobes. The key to making this look work well is to create shape around your waist. You can do this by wearing a neutral belt over your jumper, doing a French tuck or half-knotting your knit for a cool effect.

Wear with a Ribbed Top

If you have a flowy voluminous skirt, pairing it with a ribbed top is one of the best ways to pull of the maxi skirt look without getting swamped. The fitted top will balance out the flowy bottom, creating a stylish silhouette.

Wear with a Leather Jacket

If you choose to wear a fairly fitted top, like a ribbed top or turtleneck (ideally with a thermal vest underneath), a leather jacket is a great way to add an extra layer, for the warmer winter days.

Wear with a Structured Long Coat

This is my favourite way to complete any outfit, skirts included. As long as the colour of your coat matches your outfit, the coat will elevate your outfit instantly! What’s not to like?

Wear with Ankle Boots

Depending on the length of your skirt, ankle boots will provide the cover you need for your legs whilst ensuring you look stylish. Longer length ankle boots work better than those that hit at the ankle. The pointed, slimmer options will earn you extra style points. And, if you get a dry day, try swapping your usual leather boots for sock boots. They are extremely comfortable and of course, super stylish!

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