How To Declutter Your Wardrobe - Fast!

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams to the point that you can’t physically add any more clothes? Does opening your wardrobe make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or downright depressed?

Imagine a wardrobe that’s neat and orderly, where everything has a place and you never have to lean your entire bodyweight against a heaving clothes collection in order to shove an extra hanger in.

Believe it or not, this is possible – and it not only makes putting things away easier, it also means less stress trying to put an outfit together in the morning (Extra time in bed? Yes please!)

If your current wardrobe simply isn’t currently working for you, then it’s the right time for a declutter. However, if you are like me and can’t face a full on “remove all your clothes from your wardrobe” and “try everything on’ type declutter, BUT you still want to declutter your wardrobe and get it into some kind of order… with no stress, then the following no nonsense tips will help:

The Prep

1.You will need 4 bin bags handy and a suitcase or box…label these as following: Bin, Charity, Resale, Give Away and finally Not in season for the suitcase or box. The suitacase should be for items you would only really wear in warmer months.

2. Think about how you want to organise your wardrobe. Items you are more likely to wear over the next month should be more accessible.

3. Find a playlist you love that you feel like dancing to. It will get you in the mood instantly!

The Process

1. Work with one category of your wardrobe at a time. So declutter all tops at the same time, move on to trousers, etc. You do not need to remove all items from your wardrobe at the same time. This will take hours, so if you want a simpler, less stressful declutter, avoid! Instead, remove each item from your wardrobe one by one, analyse and then make a decision on whether the item should stay in your wardrobe or should be removed.

2. Remove from the wardrobe if: You have not worn that item in more than 2 years, It fits really badly, you don’t feel comfortable in it, the colour is unflattering or if it is worn or old fashioned.

3. If you decide on keeping the item, put it back in your wardrobe (swap the hanger if you need to… I would recommend velvet hangers to save space). If you decide the item is no longer suitable, remove it from your wardrobe immediately and put it straight into one of the bin bags or suitcase. If you are swapping hangers, find another box or bin bag to put the old hangers.

4. As you declutter larger sections- organise as you go. Colour coordinate all your pieces in that category. For example: Put red tops together, white tops together, green tops together, etc. It will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Make things in your wardrobe visible as much as possible.


1. Reorganise anything left over (that’s not in your wardrobe)

2. Close up your bags

3. Remove excess hangers and put in a bin bag or box

4. Get rid of all the bags as soon as you can.

5. Take note of missing items in your wardrobe that are relevant to your current lifestyle and write a shopping list of items you need to top up over the next few months.

Voila, you have a clutter free, organised wardrobe! –In less time and with less stress.

You are welcome!

Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to something nice.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,

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