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I was asked to do a feature for HOOD Magazine about A Day In The Life Of A personal Stylist, so iv copied and pasted my response here- Enjoy!

My name is...

Numba Pinkerton Age...

32 I live (where and with)...

In Strathaven, UK with my husband, Kevin and two sons, Spencer (4 Years old) and Harvey (3 months old).

My job is...

I am a Personal Stylist (Image Consultant)

I’ve been asked many times over the years, ‘what’s it like to be a personal stylist’, or more commonly, ‘how do you manage to fit everything in your day’ so I will be sharing a little insight into what a day can look like for me. Really though, no two days are the same! It’s what I love about doing what I do!

I set my alarm for…

6.45am… I am not a morning person!

My morning routine is…

The kids are normally up at around 7.30am, which gives me just enough time to grab a black coffee, quickly check my emails and social media, fit in a 10-15 min HITT workout (I use an app on my phone for this) and get a shower. I then attend to the kids, get them up, washed and fed.

I am an intermittent faster (16/8) which means I miss breakfast and my first meal of the day is lunch. This works out perfectly for me as I am busiest in the mornings! I get dressed and ready while the kids have some free play/ kick about on play mat. I then drop the kids off for childcare or get my husband to take over so that I can begin work for 9.30am.

I got the job by…

I am a self-employed Personal Stylist. I started off working a fashion model whilst at university (Business Degree) and then attained an Image Consulting Diploma afterwards. I worked in Topshop as a Personal Shopper for a little while before creating ‘Style Me Flawless’. My passion is to help men and women of all ages and sizes look and feel great every day with easy style solutions. I love to share my knowledge learned through style training as well as my experience of working with hundreds of men and women over the years to assist clients in creating a wardrobe that works for every aspect of their lives.

My typical day…

I go into my home studio by 9.30am and start my working day by replying to emails and comments on Instagram and facebook. I have a growing following on both so like to make sure I engage with as many people as I can before I move on to other styling activities.

Every working morning will be different and will include either client consultations in my studio, personal shopping in Glasgow, a wardrobe weeding session at a client’s house, creating online content/scheduling or a mix of the above.

After a busy morning, I love nothing more than to escape for a thirty minutes lunch break and enjoy a healthy lunch. I find it’s important to have that balance, that me-time, as it allows me to take time out and have a breather from an otherwise full-on day. I then complete the rest of the day’s work schedule before picking the kids up from childcare.

The most memorable working day...

One of my most memorable jobs is one I did a few years ago, delivering image training for the staff at a high-end ‘Members Only Hotel’ alongside a team of other consultants. We got to stay there for a couple of days and enjoy the beautiful accommodation, relaxing surrounding grounds and delicious food cooked by the in-house chef!

Moment I feel most proud of…

I published my first style book in October, 2016 called The No Black Project- available on Amazon. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to that point and so, I was really proud of myself for completing this project!

Best part of the job…

I love meeting people from a wide range of backgrounds and listening to their stories, but most importantly, I love empowering clients with the knowledge and skills to create a stylish mix and match wardrobe suited to their personality and lifestyle. Worst part of the job…

I hate pulling my accounts together, so I hire an accountant to do that for me!

After work…

By the end of the day, I’m exhausted…but the day doesn’t end there! There’s housework to be done, laundry to be folded and put away and dinner to be made, alongside finding time to spend with the kids.

My husband Kevin is a great help and spends some time with the kids while I get dinner ready and prepare for the next day.

Come the end of the evening, my husband and I bathe and put the kids to bed for 7.30/8pm after which we have some adult time. I enjoy tucking up on the sofa to watch TV, usually a Netflix series with a hot cup of camomile tea or a small glass of red wine (at weekends). I also try and catch up with family or friends over a telephone call before winding down after another busy and exciting day at Style Me Flawless!

My bedtime routine…

Before going to bed, I like to get my clothes organised for the next day (complete with accessories), so that I don’t have to think about it in the morning. I then get into bed, pray and do some reading before falling asleep and doing it all again the next day!


Photography: Sarah Paterson @ Sarah Paterson Photography

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Until next time, Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

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