Updated: May 13, 2020

Hello everyone – are you still hanging on in there?

I hope you’ve all been settling into this new way of living.

Its’ taken a little over a month to find my lockdown groove with a new born and 3 year old in toll, but like anything else in life, we quickly adjust, and find a new way of living. Having structure to my days has made such a difference and enabled me to fit into my day much more than I would have without it. I am embracing the simplicity of life at the moment and enjoying the little things.

I have come to realise over the last few weeks that although it seems like style has little relevance in our day to day lives, what we wear definitely has an impact on how we FEEL each day. The aim during lockdown should be to dress in a way that is comfortable, yet makes you FEEL good. Subtle differences in how we pair colours and styles can really change how we look, and consequently how we feel.

If you haven’t’ already, its’ time to think about a wardrobe for a summer that is largely, if not completely, going to be spent at home. I am determined we’ll stay chic, even If we are all at home!

One of my main priorities during lockdown has been to continue doing the things I love and styling/writing as you will imagine is one of them, so I’m delighted to bring you some lockdown outfit ideas today that are a reflection of what I have been wearing recently.

Here are 7 inspiring outfits that are simple and comfortable yet guaranteed to make you feel good:


At the moment, I am determined to make Sunday the only day that I slide into leisurewear, to me it symbolises the difference between the week and weekend! Leggings are an easy choice for this look, however, pairing them with a comfy denim shirt or tunic top feels a lot nicer than your typical grey jumper or cardi.

Top Pick: ASOS DESIGN Tall denim shirt dress in blue


If you are working from home, wearing the right outfit can sometimes be the difference between being productive or not. Aim for smart casual if you can, with items like casual jumpsuits, elasticated smart trousers paired with a blouse or jumper, or jeans paired with a long jacket or blazer (in a stretchy fabric).

Top Pick: M&S COLLECTION Textured Single Breasted Blazer


Colour really does affect your mood! Wearing a bright coloured top or jumper ( in a colour you love) can improve your mood! If you are in a great mood, the kids benefit from your high energy levels…It’s a win-win situation! For an alternative to jeans, pair with relaxed slim cut trousers which are fantastic for lounging around.

Top Picks: Ted Baker MIKALO Elasticated waistband cropped trousers

And Ted Baker KELIIN Satin panel sweatshirt


If the weather stays warm and bright, then I am pretty sure your summer dresses and skirts will make an appearance. There is something lovely about wearing floral prints in spring/summer so make the most of it!

Top Pick: Zara Floral Print Dress


On the days that you feel like being ‘creative’, dressing comfortably and feeling good in what you are wearing makes all the difference. A slouchy pair of dungarees, harem trousers or loose denim dress will do the trick. Whether you enjoy baking, knitting or crafts, your day is set in this simple outfit idea!

Top Pick: Hush Pippa Jumpsuit


You may have seen that there’s a movement to reverse ‘dress down Friday’ and change it into ‘dress up Friday’ while we’re all locked down on Instagram, which I think is a fabulous idea. I tried it last Friday and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be wearing something nice and have my full make-up on. If you haven’t tried it yet, id recommend it. Apart from lifting your spirits, It will also provide some creative ideas to put together outfits you already have. I love asymmetric ruffle skirts which always look classy and stylish and can be worn for numerous occasions.

Top Pick: AX Paris Plus Ruffle Side Skirt in Floral (Plus Size Only)


You can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and jumper for shopping. However, you could also pair your denim jeans with a striped blue and white striped shirt for a classic smart casual look. If you feel a little chilly, throw on a Gillet, Cardi or long jacket over the shirt and you are good to go. You will always look like you have made a little more effort in this outfit.

Top Pick: M&S Pure Cotton Striped relaxed Shirt

I hope you found the above ideas useful!

Take care everyone, keep smiling and thank you for reading.

Your personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton.

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