Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Clothing speaks volumes about your personality and taste. Wearing a fashionable outfit sets you apart from the crowd as well as making a statement about who you are. You stand out looking beautiful, elegant, and stylish.

Let’s get one thing clear: When I refer to fashion mistakes, I am talking about long-held habits you refuse to break, fashion clichés you still believe are true, and small things you’re avoiding—or doing—that can wreak havoc on your personal style.

From not getting things tailored enough, to not evolving your style, here are 5 fashion mistakes you should start remedying right now :

1. Never Getting Anything Tailored

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion mistakes a person can make. Think about it: We’re all built differently, so mass-produced clothing won’t fit us all the same way. Having a tailor tweak hemlines, seams, sleeve lengths, even taking in too-wide garments can be the difference between looking fine and looking absolutely impeccable all the time.

2. Buying The Same Size of Clothes In Every Shop

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to shopping, is ensuring you are wearing the right size. As any woman who shops in wide range of stores knows, sizing can vary tremendously according to store, brand, and item. Certain shop sizes run way bigger, making it common for a woman to wear, say, a size 14 in M&S and still be a size XL in Zara. Don’t sweat the number—pay attention to how things look on your body instead.

Ill fitted garments do nothing to flatter the figure – whether they be too small or too baggy. Wearing bottoms too tight will reveal an unappealing muffin top. But a piece that’s too oversized (when it’s not supposed to be) completely drowns you out. You should be wearing the clothes – not the reverse.

3. Not Evolving

One mistake many women make is not evolving their fashion sense. We all know that fashion is cyclical and that everything comes back around, but that doesn’t mean you should dress in full of-another-decade outfits, which could run the risk of making you look like you’re both in costume and 10 years older. Do not get caught up in one era for the rest of your life. You can still maintain your personal style by approaching it with a more modern twist. Found a vintage swingy midi-skirt? Style it with modern staples like a cropped leather jacket and a sleek pair of pointy heels, as opposed to wearing a pussy-bow blouse and pearls.

4. Wrong Undergarments

Many women seem to neglect their undergarments because it is hidden and not something everyone else sees. However, your underwear can make a huge difference to how your clothing looks, and more importantly, how you feel. Its’ important to only purchase underwear that makes you feel good and is appropriate for the type of garment you have on. Avoid pants and bra’s that don’t fit right or showcase visible lines though a garment. If you haven’t done so already, book yourself in for bra fitting.

5. Not Accessorising Effectively