Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Happy New year to you!!

I hope you had a lovely festive season and are looking forward to what 2020 has to offer.

What is your big plan for 2020? For your life, your style and your wardrobe? How do you want your personal style to progress? What components of your wardrobe do you want to upgrade, define or overhaul completely? What skills to you want to acquire, improve or refine?

The few quiet days just before or after New year’s day are my favourite time to take stock, reflect, make plans for the year ahead. I cover everything from work, personal development and creative projects to relationships, health, faith and - my wardrobe and personal style. It's quite a therapeutic process, extremely motivating and, above all, it helps me feel secure and stay focused throughout the year. It also helps me direct my energy towards things that truly matter.

Making personal style a personal goal is not a frivolous pursuit. Style goals will not only streamline your wardrobe helping you to shop and dress with intention, but will also help you avoid random incompatible purchases. Refining your own style and building an expressive, functional wardrobe is a skill. And just like any other skill, something you can train and improve - with the right techniques and a clear idea about your own strengths and weaknesses.

The most important thing to remember when setting your style/wardrobe goals or goals in any other area of your life is to be clear and concise, both about your actual goals and your motivation behind them. A simple "improve my wardrobe" is not enough. Its important to dig deep and figure out exactly which aspects of your wardrobe you want to work on and why.

Do you want to stop spending money on impulse buys and instead aim for a smaller, capsule wardrobe with high-quality items?

Do you want to align your wardrobe with your current personality, values and lifestyle?

Are you generally happy with your current set of clothes but want to add some structure to your wardrobe?

Whatever your plans are, make sure you really understand why you want to implement them and how they would affect your overall sense of style and your day-to-day activities. Remember to seek help if you are struggling in any one area.

Below is a simple exercise to help you figure out what your style/wardrobe goals are for 2020:

Answers could relate to: Personal style preferences, matching fashion to your values/personality, specific pieces you need/don’t need in your wardrobe, wardrobe set up, spending philosophy, shopping strategy and confidence.


1. Write a short review of your style and the progress you made in 2019. How did your style, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences evolve?

2. Write about one or two paragraphs about your style and wardrobe plans for 2020. Which aspects about your style and your wardrobe do you want to improve, why and how?

3. Express your 5 (or more!) most important goals in a short, motivating sentence each and then start sketching out how you want to achieve or implement them.

For example, Here are my top 5 style/wardrobe goals for 2020:

1. Have a strict monthly clothing budget (I have an exact figure in mind!) that I can stick to and make the most of my purchases within this budget.

2. Shop for more stylish tops (4), jumpers (5) and jeans (3) in various shades to suit my lifestyle in 2020 (I am expecting my second son in April, 2020!). I have a list of shops I want to visit for this (both in person and online).

3. Declutter my wardrobe at the start of the year (This month!- date in diary), leaving only items that I can wear this year.

4. Rearrange my wardrobe in a way that makes it easier to get dressed in the morning (Have as much as possible hanging up/ on display so that I can see my options at a glance).

5. Make time for myself and keep my beauty routines going (eyebrows, lashes, hair, facials,etc). Continue to use make-up products that make me feel good about myself and my appearance.

Write these plans down somewhere you can see them and make a point of looking at them now and again. I have mine on my phone (Google Keep Notes).

By the end of the year (if you follow through), you should have made some progress with your style and wardrobe and look and feel even better about yourself and your style than the previous year.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton.

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