5 Important Questions to Ask Before Booking a Personal Stylist

We all want a wardrobe that inspires us. A wardrobe that, when we open it, is filled with stylish pieces with beautiful accessories for every occasion. The reality is often very different. For many people, their heart sinks when they open their wardrobe and in desperation they wear the same few items time and time again. That’s where a personal stylist comes in.

A personal stylist is concerned with an individual rather than a particular fashion brand. Typically, a personal stylist will be able to cover colour consultations, body shape, clarification, personal style, make-up consultation, hairstyle consultation, personal shopping services and wardrobe management. A personal stylist will help an individual understand what styles of clothing suit their natural features and lifestyles, assisting that person to achieve confidence in the way they look and feel.

It is my dream that someday soon everyone will work with a personal stylist at least once in their lifetime. Perhaps I am biased because I am a personal stylist but if you think about it, the idea isn’t completely far-fetched. Most of us have at least once worked with a personal trainer, a hair stylist, a nail technician, and the list of little self-care luxuries goes on. Why not add a personal stylist into the mix? After all we do save you lots of money!

I am amazed at how many clients book me as their personal stylist each year! – and no I am not talking about the rich and famous. Normal people just like you are investing in themselves by hiring a personal stylist.

If you are thinking about booking a stylist, I suggest you do your research first because no two stylists are exactly the alike. Here are 5 things to consider before you book your personal stylist:

1- Make sure you work with a personal stylist you like

You will be spending hours with your personal stylist, so make sure you actually like them. You are allowing them into an intimate part of your life, so enjoying their company and trusting them will make the process much more enjoyable for you. You'll want to find a personal stylist who understands your individual needs and desires and actually has the skills and talent to customise the service to your specific tastes and needs.

Remember, it is not necessary for your personal stylist to dress in the same style that you like. There are abundant looks, tastes, personalities in the world that come into play when choosing a style. Your own personal tastes aside, what you should also look for is whether your stylist looks great in her/his personal style. You may not want to wear what they are wearing but you can certainly tell if they look good or not in their chosen image. If they don't, you should question whether they'll be able to make you look good in your chosen style if they can't even look good in their chosen style.

2- Check their credentials

You don’t have to have some fancy degree to work as a personal stylist but there are plenty of reliable courses, workshops and training opportunities available to personal stylists to ensure they are able to teach and support you to the best of their abilities. You will no doubt want a stylist that has partaken in some of that action! Hiring someone who ‘looks good’ but has no credentials isn’t going to give the bang for buck like a stylist with credentials. Knowing how to dress yourself doesn’t mean you know how to dress other people. Do your research and put your money into someone who cares about making you look your best! To find out more about my philosophy and credentials, click here.

3- Who do They typically work with?

Find out the type of clientele that the stylist typically works with. A great personal stylist can honestly style anyone but they will also have a specific niche where they really excel. I for example mainly work with women between the ages of 30 and 60 who are smart, funny and talented! Some stylists work with mostly teenagers, some with older wealthy women. Find out if you fit your stylist’s mould and if you don’t, ask yourself if you are still comfortable working with that stylist (a lot of times the answer is yes as stylists an be very adaptable!).

Different personal stylists offer different services. Get a menu of servicesthey provide and if you don’t, ask them if they do custom packages. Again, it has to be a fit.

4- Choose a Pricing Model that best fits your needs

Many styling companies charge a rate per hour rather than having set package prices and have a pre-determined number of hours per service. I find this works for some, however from past experience, charging per hour can sometimes creates uncertainty and stress for clients: Most clients are not sure how many hours they will need and feel that they could end up paying much more than your set budget. Some feel rushed on the day in order to avoid spilling into another hour and paying more! I like my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, knowing they have paid for a set service package and know exactly what they are getting for it. If we go over the time for any reason (its never by much!), my clients don’t pay any more because my motivation is not money. My motivation is to inspire, teach and empower.

5- Be Open Minded

Working with a good personal stylist is like hiring any other kind of expert in your life.