What Is Your Style Personality?

When you think about your favourite celebrities or other people you know and their style, do you associate it with certain words? Do you describe your best friend as artistic because of her style? Or your mum as classic because she is drawn to styles that never go out of fashion?

Assigning a personality to someone's style is a great way of trying to figure it out and put it all in one cohesive category. Knowing your overall style personality can also make it easier to navigate the racks when there seems to be endless choices in shops! We've all been there...

As other things in your life evolve, like getting married, having a family, getting older, so too will your style. ‘Needs’ change, ‘Wants’ change and available styles change. However, being clear on who you want to present to the world is something that is unlikely to be drastically different no matter what stage of life you’re in.

There are seven universally common style personalities with easily identifiable names, all you need to do is discover which ones you relate to most. Because of course, we’re all unique it’s likely you won’t fit exactly into one of the style personalities, but they’re a great starting point to help you develop a clear image and description of your style.

What is your style personality? Below is a short quiz to help you decide:


A – I like to be casual, and down to earth, I love the comfort and easy to care for clothes.

B – I am organised and practical and prefer to fill my wardrobe with versatile investment pieces.

C – I am spirited, and self-expressed, and originality is key.

D – I am bold and like to stand out in a crowd and wear striking clothes that make a statement.

E – I am sensitive, gentle and supportive and love feminine details such as lace, gathers, and frills.

F – I am magnetic and like attention, and I use clothing to highlight my amazing body.

G – I am cultured and poised and compliment my lifestyle with polished, fashion-forward clothing


A – Casual, Comfortable, Simple, Approachable, Easy

B – Timeless, Professional, Refined, Polished, Sophisticated

C – Eclectic, Spirited, Unconventional, Whimsical, Unique

D – Bold, Striking, Strong, Confident, Attention Grabbing

E – Gentle, Soft, Pretty, Sensitive, Girly

F – Magnetic, Emotive, Figure Hugging, Attractive, Flaunting

G – Trendy, Tonal, Basics with Bold Accessories, Contemporary


A – Grounded and Sensible

B – Positive and Well Balanced

C – Spiritual and Sensitive

D – Outgoing and Controlled

E – Dreamy and Whimsical

F – Upfront and Fun Loving

G – Calm and Poised


Refer to the style descriptions below where you scored highest. These will give you a starting point to better understand your personal style. Combine the aspects that resonate with you most to form your individual personal style description.

A – Natural

Feeling comfortable in your clothes is most important to you, and your easy-going nature tends towards more casual outfits. Simple lines and designs are your preferred choices over anything too detailed or fussy. In keeping with this carefree attitude, you tend to buy only easy, wash and wear garments. You prefer fabrics such as denim, cotton jersey, and lightweight knits. Your jewellery choices reflect your minimal look, and you tend to wear basic and durable accessories with footwear also focused on comfort.

B – Classic

You are drawn to refined clothing and understated accessories, preferring to invest in quality fabrics and timeless styles rather than jumping on trends. You have a rather formal wardrobe and always look polished and put together. Balanced and co-ordinated looks are your preference over those that incorporate too many bold colours and prints. Your jewellery and accessory choices are not overbearing and are complimentary to your outfits without being the focal point.

C – Artistic

Your way of dressing is innovative and individualistic, and you aren’t overly influenced by current trends or traditional rules. You use your clothing choices to reflect your personality and put together unique and interesting outfits with items purchased from varied sources. Different colours, textures, and prints fill your wardrobe, and your jewellery collection is bold while your footwear and accessories are usually statement-making.

D – Dramatic

Your wardrobe consists of many different styles and one-off pieces ready to make a statement. Your look is striking and well thought out with added details providing the finishing touch to your look whether it be a bold lip colour or eye-catching shoe. You compliment your statement-making looks with jewellery and accessories in shiny metal finishes or bold one of a kind wearable art pieces.

E –Feminine

You have a soft appearance and generally prefer flowing silhouettes and muted colours. Your clothing choices are pretty, and you love feminine details such as bows, ruffles, pleats, and lace. Even with simpler styles, you will most likely choose them in pretty colours or with decorative details, and you can never go past a floral print. Your footwear and accessory choices are delicate and minimal with fine necklaces and ballet flats among your staples.

F – Alluring

You like to make an entrance and favour bold colours and prints to ensure you stand out from the crowd. You are usually showing off your body in figure-hugging silhouettes and know how to work a plunging neckline and short hems. You prefer to wear heels whenever you can and make the most of accessorising as another way to add intrigue and flirtation to your look. You likely put a lot of time and effort into personal grooming, always providing your friends with the latest beauty tips.

G – Chic

You put time and effort into the way you look, and you love accessories, sometimes spending more on bags and shoes than anything else in your wardrobe. You’ve likely experimented with most key styles, and while you follow trends, you generally shop with care and won’t buy into a trend that doesn’t compliment your existing wardrobe. You tend to avoid bright colours and go for a tone on tone look. Your jewellery choices reflect this minimal approach, either making a statement with a single accessory or balancing some more subtle pieces.

Which one are you?

My natural default is B- 'CLASSIC'! However, I do tend to go D- 'Dramatic' once in a while depending on the occasion and how I feel that day. I have a good core capsule wardrobe full of classics and investment pieces and normally top up with a few trendy pieces throughout the year.

If you want to figure out how your style personality translates into how you shop or put outfits together, A Colour and Style Consultation can help you figure out how to create stylish outfits true to your personality based on your natural colouring and body shape.

Pinterest is also a great web based tool to help you get started on figuring out your individual style in relation to outfits. Be realistic and create a pin-board, a collage or a scrapbook with outfits you love and are likely to recreate rather than just admire. Display it in your bedroom or on the back of your wardrobe door, so you’re always stepping out with your style personality goals in the front of your mind. Have fun with your style and enjoy creating you!

Until Next Time,

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton.


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