Three Simple Styling Tricks That Will Effortlessly Transform Your Basic Outfits

As we come to the end of one season and enter into another, the urge to buy new clothes is strong! However, before you pull out that credit card and splurge on yet another item of clothing or accessory you won’t wear, try reassessing your wardrobe and find new ways to wear the clothes you already own so that they feel brand new!

Try these simple styling tricks that will transform your basic outfit instantly:


Cuffing is one of the most stylish things you can do to transform your look this season. Jeans! Whether you’re dressing them up or down, they’re everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple. And, while they’re always good just as they are, sometimes it’s fun to change things up. With an easy flip of your hem, you instantly set the stage for statement shoes.

As well as making your jeans and overall outfit look more stylish, cuffing your jeans is a great way to: Show off your shoes, shorten your jeans when they are a little too long, or liven-up an old pair.

You can cuff your jeans once (fold-over cuff), twice (double cuff) or as many times as you want to create your desired look! The fold-over cuff is perfect for skinny, straight or boot-cut jeans, whilst the double cuff is perfect for straight, skinny or boyfriend style jeans. I personally love my cuffed jeans!

*Style Tip: Opt for stretchy skinny jeans to create the perfect fold-over or double cuff.


‘Brooching!’- I made up that word, can you tell? Sounds cool, though right?

Ok, back to my point…Brooches are signifiers. More playful than a necklace, more sophisticated than a jaunty pair of earrings -you can have fun with them but remain chic. Brooches can represent your personality or how you feel that day more than any other accessory. But, more than anything else, brooches are a terrific way of adding more diamonds to an outfit. And that is rarely a bad thing!

Take Madeleine Albright, the former US secretary of state - she has a collection of hundreds of pins, and when in government used them as a sort of avatar for her frame of mind. She wore butterflies and balloons on good days; insects on bad days and a snake in the aftermath of the Gulf War, when the Iraqi media dubbed her 'an unparalleled serpent'.

So, weather you are into Beetles or Butterflies, Flowers or Letters, find your perfect brooch and pin it on your shoulder, lapel or collar and own your unique personality!

*Style Tip: Always purchase a Brooch you LOVE. It’s the only way you will feel empowered to wear it. Perfect for changing up your tailored dress or blazer for work.


Draping your coat or jacket over your shoulders looks extremely stylish! It communicates a relaxed/ sporty and modern feel. Logistically, of course, an open coat won’t stay on your shoulders too long without having to adjust it. But impractical as it may seem, there is a way to pull off the coat-as-cape look without losing your top layer!

The best times for draping your coat or jacket are when you’re in transit and don’t have far to go… moments where you can enjoy fashion without conforming to practicalities- Like the short walk from brunch to your car, leaving a restaurant/ bar to walk into a taxi, a stroll from the office to a nearby outside meeting, or from the school run back to the house.

If you need the full coverage a coat offers, your second layer will need to compensate for lost warmth. Pick a warm, cashmere sweater or even a second shorter blazer or jacket to go underneath your draped coat or jacket. Oh, and carry a large clutch rather than a bag with a strap (it will be so much easier to carry in this case!). So next time you have a coat or jacket, why not try draping it for a more stylish and sophisticated look?

*Style Tip: Structured, straight-cut coats or boxy jackets tend to be better choices for successful draping!