How To Look Effortlessly Stylish in 10 Minutes or Less

Mornings can sometimes feel overwhelming with plenty of decisions to make! So the last thing you want is to spend more time than you should getting ready. As life gets busier and busier, cutting out as much of the decision making process as possible in the mornings becomes almost essential, especially when it comes to getting dressed for the day.

So, how do you start the day looking stylish and feeling confident about how you look in 10 minutes or less?

Try these shortcuts for pulling together a flawless look in 10 minutes or less:

1. Keep Your Outfit Simple

A simple outfit should be one that you can pretty much throw on and look fantastic in! For smart casual look, throw on your favourite jeans, a white t-shirt and your favourite blazer. Wear with trendy flats such as slip on shoes/plimsolls or trainers and complete your look with some delicate jewellery and a structured bag! Done! For a smarter look, swap your jeans with tailored trousers and your white t-shirt for a white silky top or blouse instead. Complete this look this neutral, plain court shoes, brogues or loafers.

2. Wear A Dress

Dresses make for an easy option unlike separates which can take up lots of time to locate and then to match. A dress in a classic cut and neutral colour such as black, navy or beige or lighter colour such as powder blue, blush and violet can easily be dressed up or down. Throw on a tailored blazer or long tailored jacket for a smarter look or wear a knitted sweater/jumper over the dress for a more laid-back look. A pair of stylish and comfortable court shoes will work a treat for most work occasions. For a smart-casual look, opt for ankle boots or open sandals instead. Throwing on some delicate silver or gold jewellery is once again an easy way to complete this look and add a touch of sophistication.

3. Add an Eye Catching Brooch Instead of A Necklace

Accessories can make such a huge difference to any outfit. A brooch is one of the most underused accessories, and yet it can make an impact in seconds! It can be pinned onto a variety of tops, jackets and dresses; adding class, sophistication and personality to any outfit. A brooch would normally used as an alternative to a necklace. Brooches can be pinned anywhere you fancy, however, if you are short of time, the more obvious places to pin a brooch would be onto the lapel of your blazer or your top-left/right part of your dress.

4. Choose A Colourful Bag

A bag, if picked correctly can easily be used as a multifunctional piece of accessory. Spend a little more on a high-quality piece that that can change up an outfit in seconds. The result will not only be in time savings — but will add up to a cost-per-wear figure that you can totally live with.

Avoid too many neutral shades and instead opt for something more colourful as an alternative addition to your wardrobe. Simply adding a splash of colour in form of your bag will make your outfit look more stylish in seconds!

5. Keep Your Make-Up Simple

If you have only a minute for makeup before you run out the door, then chances are you won’t really have time to apply a full face of make-up. Therefore, prioritisation becomes key! Your priorities in this case should be: applying a base to your face and using a product that can multi-task as blusher, lipstick and eye shadow.

First, apply a base to your face to even out your skin tone! A simple BB cream/light foundation and under-eye concealer can hide your skin imperfections and leave you with a flawless face. Follow with a coat of mascara and you're on your way to looking flawless!

If you don’t have time to apply blush, lipstick and eye shadow, an all over creamy colour stick in a light shade of pink that suits you such as Nars The Multiple can quickly perk up these multiple features in seconds! A cult favourite, (they don’t call it The Multiple for no reason!), this makeup stick comes in a range of shimmery tones and now even matte ones, with the perfect velvety texture that gives your skin the best lit-from-within glow. Depending on which shade you like best, you can bronze, blush, highlight, contour, and shade with this baby! It’s great for eyes, cheeks, and lips. This, coupled with glowy, even facial skin can make you look well groomed.


6. Create a Simple Hairstyle

If you wake up with absolutely zero time to even run a comb through your hair, then you need a hairstyle that will look well styled and groomed in seconds…Okay, maybe minutes, but hey—the final result will have been totally worth the extra time.! That’s why this 'Twist and Pin' Style is one to try. This look will give even fine hair an easy upgrade that won't fall flat.

Here is how you style a Twist & Pin:

Step 1: Dampen your hair slightly and apply a leave in conditioner/heat protector such as Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Creme to add moisture and shine. Give your hair a quick blow dry.

Step 2: Start Twisting! Twist a one-inch piece of hair near your temple away from your face. "If your hair is on the finer side, tease the section slightly, twist hair, and then use a quick-drying hairspray such as the Redken Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Hairspray to keep the style in place.

Step 3: Criss-Cross It! Secure the twist with a bobby-pin placed diagonally at an angle, then slide a second pin over the first to create an X-shape. You can show then pins (if you want to use them as an accessory) or hide them. Done!

I hope these shortcuts help you pull together a stylish look in 10 minutes or less -- Or at least close!

Until next time,

Your personal stylist,

Numba Pinerton x

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