The Navy Blazer - 3 Ways!

Due to popular demand, this year will usher in a new series of articles focusing on a variety of stylish ways you can wear some of your wardrobe staples. Each month, I will pick 1 essential wardrobe staple piece and suggest three stylish ways to wear it! The aim is to encourage you to have fewer, better quality items in your wardrobe that you can easily mix and match. This will help you become more creative and confident in how you wear your current pieces.

First in the series is the navy blazer (my personal favourite and one I recommend to my clients!). The navy blazer is a stalwart staple that should be afforded space in every wardrobe. The navy blazer’s qualities lie in it’s unique ability to elevate any outfit from shabby to smart, and to go with just about anything, be it jeans, a ‘floaty’ skirt or paired with tailored trousers for a failsafe office-appropriate look.

Here are my top three stylish ways to style your navy blazer:

1. Wear With Denim On Denim

One of the simple ways to introduce a navy blazer to your outfit is by wearing it over a Denim-on-Denim outfit. Whether it’s dress-down Friday at work or a coffee date with friends, I love the contrast of sleek tailoring against casual denim. The key to double denim is varying the shades – three blue hues would compliment each other beautifully, while a adding a splash of colour through your bag, shoes or both will provide an eye-catching pop(s) of colour.

2. Wear With A Statement ‘Floaty’ Skirt

Skirts in general can be quite hard to pull-off for many, but when you have a navy blazer handy, you are one step closer to making that skirt work for you! The second way to wear your navy blazer is with a statement floaty skirt. I love pleated skirts because they have the perfect blend of street style and sophistication. Opt for a patterned skirt to add interest. Pair your floaty skirt with something fitted in a neutral colour, like a ribbed top or fitted cashmere knit. This combo looks very fashion-forward and the addition of a statement floaty skirt adds real style points! Pop on a pair of flats or heeled ankle boots, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will gather compliments wherever you go.

3.Wear with Coloured Trousers

Do you have a pair of coloured jeans or coloured smart trousers you have no idea what to wear with? Forget blending into the background – the navy blazer complements any bright coloured jeans or trousers perfects perfectly, offering the perfect solution to creating a confident, casual look (when paired with coloured jeans) or a stylish, sophisticated look (when paired with colourful tailored trousers). Your trousers can be as colourful or subtle as you wish provided it is not a neutral colour. Pair with a white t-shirt or blouse. Complete the look with a complementary coloured hand bag and neutral shoes to create balance.

I hope this post provides you with a couple of ideas to dress your navy blazer differently!

Top Three Navy Blazer Picks:

1. Reiss Turner Textured Blazer Navy

2. Crew Clothing Gasmere Wool Blazer In Dark Navy

3. Mango Essential Structured Blazer

Remember, Mixing and matching is so much easier with the right knowledge and skills!

My basic recommendation to every woman is a Style & Colour Consultation which will provide you with all the knowledge and skill required to dress your shape, pick the right shades to suit you and mix and match clothing and accessories effortlessly! Its a great place to be.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,


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