The No Black Project Second Edition Is Here!

After years of hardwork, training and styling hundreds of real women, I am pleased to announce that the the 2nd Edition of The No Black Project Style Book- The Life Changing Way to Create An Effortless Mix and Match Wardrobe- is finally here. Today is the official launch!

The book offers simple but effective advice on style, wardrobe and confidence. You will discover how to take control of your style and create an effortless mix and match wardrobe that you love with plenty of colour!

If you have been considering improving your personal style and wardrobe, The No Black Project is what you really need!

The advice in the book will enable you to:

  • Look effortlessly stylish for any occasion

  • Feel confident in what you wear everyday

  • Nail colour matching with the current pieces in your wardrobe

  • Stand out from the crowd and discover simple, stylish styles that will stand the test of time

  • Learn how to build a stylish mix and match wardrobe more suited to your current lifestyle

  • Avoid costly fashion mistakes and looking frumpy

Get your copy HERE (Available in Digital Format and Paperback)

“The book is a very easy read! I was surprised at how easy it all was. There are some excellent bits of advice! I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe too - forty pieces (no - you don't have to go out and buy them all at once...) which will mix and match effortlessly. I took to heart the advice on weeding my wardrobe and I've already started a box for Oxfam with a couple of pieces which I've had for years and in which I've never looked good. It was gloriously liberating! I used to dream that Gok Wan would take me shopping: I don't think I need to do that any more.”

-Sue M (The Bookbug)

‘’Thank you so much Numba, I am loving the No Black Project book! It can be used to help with so many different areas of style, colour, wardrobe and shopping. Always a great reference tool!

-Marie C- UK

“I am so glad that days of trawling the net led me to Numba, I love this book because its just so practical and delivered in a way that I can relate to.”

- Susan M- Australia