5 Practical Ways To Wear Florals

Floral prints are a timeless look, adapting to every season and every trend in all sorts of colours. Whether you prefer feminine pastels or punchy graphic prints, there’s something for every personality and style.

Here’s how to wear florals this season:

1. Tone it down

Although floral patterns can be bright, bold and busy, you can easily tone down your floral pattern and über-feminine feeling by adding a little bit of “edge” to your look. Opt for one with a black base, then throw on a black jacket, black shoes and a black bag for an edgy casual look.

2. Brighten up

If your wardrobe is filled with mostly solid, neutral colours, especially in dark colours, adding a burst of summer with a floral print can be just what’s needed for building an interesting outfit with plenty of personality. Try wearing a floral top with dark navy tailored trousers or a dark navy suit. Navy is a brilliant base as it works with any colour or pattern. If you have plenty of the colour mustard in your top like the one above, try completing the look with a tan handbag to add warmth and sophistication.

3. Big and small Prints

Wearing two floral prints in one outfit can be tricky, however, if you stick to some basic rules, you can nail this look without too much effort on your part.

Firstly, the prints should belong to the same colour family. Cool colours tend to work better with other cool colours and warm colours with other warm colours.

The scale of the floral pattern also matters. Matching small floral patterns with large ones helps create more balance in the overall outfit. As long as you stick to the basic rules discussed above, you can create a wide range of creative floral mix and match outfits. Complete the look with block colour accessories in the same colour family as your florals. In this example, I have opted for mostly cool tones complemented by the lemon yellow handbag.

4. Let The Floral Piece Do The Talking

Although wearing floral trousers may seem daunting, especially for those with bigger hips, the secret to pulling this look off whilst looking understated and sophisticated is opting for a higher waisted floral patterned skirt (or trousers) in a two or three tone palette. Wear it with a top in a fluid fabric tucked into the skirt or trousers. Complete the look with ankle boots with a colour that complements your skirt or trousers and a navy bag. The biggest wow factor should be your skirt or trousers, and the rest of the outfit complementing this but toned down.

5. Floral Accessories

Floral accessories can add a feminine touch to your look. Floral accessories will instantly make your outfit pop, look fresh and trendy even when paired with an older outfit. Try adding floral shoes, a floral bag, scarf or brooch. By