5 Simple Ways To Accessorise Your Work Outfit

Does your work wardrobe seem very basic and boring? Do you struggle to create stylish outfits with your current pieces? The secret to looking great in even the most basic clothing is something that the world's most stylish women have mastered: The art of accessorising.

A few carefully placed accessories will instantly revive your beloved work wear and give your work outfits a contemporary edge. In just a few seconds, you can transform any mediocre outfit to a stylish one! Once you have the art of accessorising nailed, you'll always look great in whatever you wear. The best part? You can find incredible accessories at any budget, so it's a great way to stretch your wardrobe and save money on clothing.

Here are 5 simple ways to accessorise your work outfit:

1. Add A Pop of Colour

Take on as much or as little colour as you like. A simple way to add colour to your outfit with minimal fuss is using a colourful bag in a block primary shade like red. Mixing in a bright colour will transition any clean monochromatic look to something ultra-cool! One shade is good, two or three is even better. A navy base will give you more options for introducing colour as navy works well with most shades.

2. Introduce A Long Necklace

Jewellery can add complexity and interest to a plain look, balancing it out. Long necklaces create long vertical lines which will make you look taller and leaner! Sling a silver necklace over a black long sleeve knit to instantly soften your look. High-waisted trousers in a lighter colour will always look stylish and professional.

3. Wear Similar Tones

Wearing similar tones together is a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together. Orange works really well with creams, beige and tans. The orange courts and Tan bag complement the navy dress and beige trench coat harmoniously.

Remember that outfits don't have to MATCH, but they do have to GO - keep things in similar colour families (warm colours or cool colours), and you'll generally be fine.

4. Wear A Scarf

A square scarf in a ‘silky’ fabric is a great accessory for your work outfit, transforming it into something more creative. Look for a scarf that works well with your complexion in a print that will stand the test of time but adds some interest and colour to your basic work wardrobe. A graphic pattern is best placed against a block colour. Checks, stripes, polka dots; anything goes pattern-wise. If you have a bright coloured dress as your base, completing your look with a navy bag will create balance and sophistication to your overall look.

5. Swap Your Necklace For A Stylish Brooch

Brooches and pins are part of the growing trend for personalisation. Not only to they bring originality and newness to you go-to pieces, but they also look chic and have the ability to add a touch of eccentricity to you look. Opt of a style that matches your personality and place anywhere around your upper torso depending on the shape and size of your brooch, as well as the type of top, dress or jacket you are wearing. Be creative! I love pairing grey with burgundy because it creates a fresher, more modern look. The Shopper bag in grey complements this outfit perfectly.

So next time you feel stuck in a style rut and want to change up your work outfit, simply employ one of the suggested tips above to transform your outfit instantly.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton

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