5 Steps To Discover Your Personal Style

Q: I have been through many life changes in recent years and lost my style. How do I discover my current personal style?

A: Personal style is just that- Personal. We all go through times in our lives where we feel lost when it comes to personal style. Questions like ‘Who am I really?’ or ‘What should I be wearing’ or ‘How can I look more authentically stylish’ may pop up in a quest to rediscover our personal style.

The process to finding your personal style is fairly easy. The method I use with my clients is one that I have applied myself and works every time! The key is to define your personal style in three words which apply to YOU and your likes/dislikes (not a celebrity or blogger or someone else you admire).

Here are 5 Steps to help you discover your personal style and create a wardrobe more suited to you and your lifestyle:

1. Pick 7 of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe and find one word that describes each of those pieces. Write these words down.

For example, mine would be: Elegant, timeless, relaxed, abstract, unique, comfortable, and dramatic.

2. Take a walk around your home (remember, style is also expressed in the things around us). Find your favourite decor (7 in total) and write down what words come to mind to represent these.

For example, mine are: Dramatic, relaxed, simple, comfortable, timeless, abstract, cool.

3. Create a moodboard of pictures or outfit combinations you love- Aim for at least 7. Pinterest can be a great resource when doing this. Find words to describe the feel of these images.

Mine are: Smart casual, dramatic, relaxed, timeless, comfortable, elegant, abstract.

4. Sit down and look over all the words you have written down. Which 5 words are the most prominent?

Mine are Timeless, Abstract, Relaxed, Comfortable and Cool.

5. Next narrow these words to only 3. Think about the words that really reflect you and your personality.

For example, my top three words are: Abstract, Timeless, Comfortable.

My personal style is: Abstract, Timeless and Comfortable.

Once you discover the key words describing your personal style, write them down where you can see them everyday. When you are decluttering your wardrobe or shopping, ask yourself if the pieces in question reflect your chosen key words (your personal style) or not. Keep the ones that do.

Remember your personal style cannot be boxed. It is completely unique! It can also change over time as tastes or lifestyle change.

What did you discover about your personal style? What three words describe your personal style?

As a Personal Stylist, I am trained to work with a variety of women and a wide range of personal style tastes. Its important to me that you can apply style and colours to your personal style and lifestyle. That's where the magic really happens!

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x