How Dress Stylishly When You are Top Heavy

I have some amazing news! I am delighted to announce that I will be writing a monthly column for the Evening Times tackling women's (and men's) most common style dilemma's. Today's article is the first in the series!


How do you Dress appropriately when your top half is larger than the lower half? ~Marion


Understanding your body shape is ONE of most crucial steps to finding styles that suit you. Research shows that 91% of women are NOT happy with their body shape so rest assured there is no right or wrong body shape! Every body shape has its great parts and its challenges. As with any other body shape, embracing and loving your body is key to gaining style confidence. If you are top heavy, your best assets will most likely be your legs and face. Dressing to enhance these features as much as possible will greatly enhance your personal style.

Here are some ways to enhance your body shape:

Keep your top half simple- Tops with v-necks, scoop necks and simple sleeves work best. Wear tops and tunics with straight cuts that skim your tummy area and flare out slightly around the hips. Cape style coats are a more flattering and stylish alternative to fitted coats and look fabulous for most occasions. In general, Wearing darker colours on your top half can help balance your overall look. Try the following pieces:

Fluted Long Seleved Top from Next.

Trapeze Cape Cape Coat from Marks and Spencer

Your legs are one of your best features

Opt for slim fit, tailored or skinny trousers and jeans or fitted skirts. You can get away with plenty of colour or pattern on your bottom half, so don’t be afraid to take a risk! Try this Floral Printed Tapered Leg Trousers from Marks and Spencer.

The right accessories can lift a simple outfit and make you look more stylish

Use chunky necklaces to draw attention to your neckline and face. Using colour in necklaces, bags and shoes can be very effective in creating a more stylish look. Remember, your shoes and bag don’t always have to match! Try the following pieces:

Dark Red Sateen Cross Strap Block Heeled Sandals from New Look.

Flower Necklace from Mango.

Bea Tassle Bucket Bag from Accessorize.

Until next time…

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton

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