The No Black Project Featured on Top 10 Self Help Books of 2016

I was extremely surprised and excited to receive news that my published style book- The No Black Project was chosen as one of the top 10 self published books of 2010. The No Black Project is a book I poured my hear and soul into, and I happy to see it recognised by experts in the industry.

You can read the full Bookbag review by Sue Magee HERE. I was also interviewed by Sue where I talk about my personal styling, my book and messages for my readers. You can read the interview below or HERE.

"For years Sue has bought mostly black clothes, because they seemed safe: Numba Pinkerton has shown her how to have a wardrobe which works and which she loves. When Numba, author of The No Black Project popped into Bookbag Towers, Sue had lots of questions she wanted to ask.

  • Bookbag: When you close your eyes and imagine your readers, who do you see?

Numba Pinkerton: My readers are real, everyday women, most likely over the age of 30 who are desperate to make positive changes to their wardrobes. I find that a lot of the fashion portrayed in magazines is very unrealistic when it comes to real life style. Most women are left feeling insecure about their bodies and clueless as to how they can wear the latest fashion trends. I wanted to make sure that my readers could gain the skills to look good effortlessly without relying on the latest fashion trends or more importantly - black!

  • BB: How did you discover that you have such an amazing talent for helping women to dress in clothes which suit them?

NP: A lot of my knowledge and skill in styling women came from training as a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant as well as practical experience in working with women of different body shapes, colourings, backgrounds and lifestyles. I only really realised I was great at helping women dress in clothes which suit them because of the positive feedback I got from satisfied clients. Having helped hundreds of women in the past to dress in clothes which suit them has most certainly enhanced my personal styling skills.

  • BB: I loved your advice that women should save so much a month and then have a shopping trip twice a year when they can buy quality clothes. You look stunning. How much a year do you spend on clothes?

NP: I used to be a shopaholic in my early twenties, buying anything and everything that caught my eye and actually ended up in so much debt because of this. When I made the decision to change my wardrobe and consequently my life, I concentrated on creating a wardrobe I could easily mix and match. It took me around 2 years to come up with a capsule wardrobe I love completely. Consequently, I rarely spend money on new clothing because I don't need to! I would say I spend a maximum of £400 a year over and above what I already own.

  • BB: What's the most expensive item of clothing that you've bought? Was it a good investment?

NP: I really have a soft spot for Vivienne Westwood Designs. I feel that they really push the boundaries and look like wonderful works of art. My most expensive item of clothing I've bought is a deep green and grey printed Vivienne Westwood Dress. It was a real treat and well worth the investment.

  • BB: I thought it was great advice to take home clothes you've bought, leave the labels on and try them on - and then decide the next day if you want to keep them. Do you ever buy clothes and regret them later?

NP: Yes, this mostly happens when I buy things online that don't quite fit well, but that's to be expected. In this case, I package up what doesn't work and send it back at the earliest opportunity. I am very strict with my purchases now. I only keep things I absolutely love - this way, I save lots of money on wrong purchases.

  • BB: What do you wear around the house, when no one's looking?

NP: I tend to wear elasticated navy jeans, a vest top and a colourful jumper around the house. I love being warm and comfortable, especially in the winter months!

  • BB: I know that you're a professional personal stylist and that a lot of women have been very grateful for the help you've given them. What prompted you to write The No Black Project?

NP: I have always wanted to write a style book - mainly to share my knowledge with women around the world. Falling pregnant with my now 5 month old son, Spencer, was the motivation I needed to complete the book before he was born. I managed to achieve this goal which I am really proud of. I know that colour really is the secret to great style, so I wanted to teach women how to use colours and shades to enhance their wardrobes. Due to the fact that most of my clients wanted to move way from having too much black in their wardrobes, I decided to call the book 'The No Black Project'.

  • BB: Did you enjoy writing the book? Would you do it again?

NP: I really did enjoy writing the 'No Black Project' - the words just seemed to flow naturally. I will certainly write another book in the near future - Perhaps a style book for men next time.

  • BB: Is your son Spencer the best-dressed kid in school?

NP: Spencer has only recently started nursery and I do love dressing him up whenever he is out. He always looks amazing at nursery and loves his bright coloured clothing!

  • BB: What's next for Numba Pinkerton?

NP: I am a natural creative. I am constantly thinking up new ideas and trying new things, so who knows what comes next! That's the beauty of life isn't it? We can create whatever we want and at any time.

  • BB: Well, if anyone can, you can, Numba. Thank you for chatting to us - and thank you too for the advice on colours which your wond