Pregnancy can be a lovely time filled with joy and anticipation for the impending new arrival. Having only given birth to my son Spencer a few weeks ago, I can testify to some of the perks of being pregnant; from physical benefits such as having great skin, to social benefits such as being taken care of wherever you go. However, lets face it, pregnancy also has some cons- The main one being the struggle to look stylish without breaking the bank!

Achieving great style in the first and second trimesters is a lot easier than the third trimester. For the most part of the first and second trimesters, most women will simply buy clothing they would normally wear in bigger sizes. Dressing well for the third trimester however is a real challenge, one that most women will struggle to get right.

So, in this week’s blog post, I have put together a list of 12 Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe Essentials which will see you through at any stage of pregnancy, especially the third trimester. With these essentials, you can create an effortless mix and match pregnancy wardrobe and look stylish.


1.Navy Jeggings - They will always make you look smart, yet you will stil feel comfortable.

2.Colourful Dress - A dress in one of your favourite colours will make you feel amazing and look ‘well styled’ as opposed to a plain black dress. Opt for a shift, tent or empire style dress, these provide more room to accommodate your tummy.

3.Colourful Tunic Top - Perfect for wearing with leggings. A colourful tunic topic will make your leggings more wearable in public without looking like you have just jumped out of bed or heading to a yoga class!

4.Bodycon Dress - For the days you want to show off your bump!

5.Waterfall Front Light Coat - Very versatile and easy to throw on over most outfits. It can make most outfits look stylish. Opt for three quarter length cuts in a neutral colour.

6.Navy Blazer or Jacket - For smarter or formal occasions. Opt for a blazer or jacket with soft or no lapels which will sit better round your tummy area.

7.Black leggings - To wear with your tunic tops. Comfortable and easy!

8.Throw Cape - To throw on for those colder days. Pin with a brooch to add some sophistication to this versatile piece.

9.Closed Nude Flats- A comfortable, stylish pair to match all your outfits.

10.Colourful Strap Sandals- With a Block heel for more dressed up occasions.

11.Scarf – Ideally containing blue (more versatile for mixing and matching) to add to any neutral or bland outfit.

12.Silver or Gold Pendant Necklace- Versatile pieces that will complement any outfit.

Remember: Don’t focus on size, focus on how your clothing fits. Good fitting pregnancy clothing does not always have to be bought from maternity lines.

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Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton