There is plenty of information on pregnancy on the internet, in magazines and even libraries. But despite all this information, pregnancy can take any soon-to-be mum by surprise. Having read many different pregnancy articles and forums, it is clear that pregnancy affects women in many different ways. In reality, pregnancy is not as straightforward and easygoing as it always seems. I will be sharing my own experience of the first three months of pregnancy in this post.


On the style font, The first few months of pregnancy were pretty easy! I stuck to jeans, loose tops, blazers and scarves and was able to create various looks just by mixing and matching these elements. For anyone in their first trimester looking at buying new clothing, I would recommend buying similar things to what you already own and get them in a size bigger if need be. No need for maternity clothing just yet!


I am currently 5 months pregnant; well into my second trimester. Looking back now, I am amazed at how much of a rollercoaster my first trimester proved to be.

To make it simple and straightforward, I have divided my experience into 5 stages. I will elaborate on each of the stages.

Stage 1- Surprise and Shock

Following initial feelings of being out of sorts, after which I discovered I was pregnant, my initial reaction was that of surprise and shock. You see, my pregnancy was neither ‘planned’ nor ‘not planned’. The simple explanation is that my husband got into a very comfortable place and let nature take it’s course. I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I must have been in a state of shock for at least the first couple of weeks. Getting used to the idea certainly took time!

Stage 2-Joy and Excitement

Once I had finally got used to the idea of being pregnant. I was filled with great joy and excitement for the future. It finally dawned on me that I was going to be a mum. Me- a mum! “What a blessing!” I thought, “Some people can’t even have kids. What will he be like?” Did you notice I said ‘HE’ there? Well, I had this strong feeling it was going to be a boy from the start. I just knew it! I even attempted some of the most bizarre ‘Is your baby going to be a boy or girl’ tests. I got mixed answers, but most of them came up with a boy. I found out I am definitely having a boy in my 20 week scan!

Stage 3- Panic and Fear

The following few weeks brought about some fears I could not even have anticipated. The situation and changes to come really hit home and my fears started to creep in. My husband and I are both self employed and I started to panic about my personal finances, career and lifestyle after giving birth. I know I didn’t need to, but the mind does like to play funny buggers! I thought about how I could maintain my business as a Personal Stylist and if I could achieve all my goals (including that of writing a book) with having baby- Someone else to look after. I only had 7 months left before the baby is here. I had to think quickly and creatively and do what I could before the baby comes. Knowing this has been a great motivation during the course of my pregnancy in planning and getting things done, including re-decorating my house.

Stage 4- Depression and Dejection

At this point, I was at least a month into my pregnancy and I really struggled with literally everything! I naturally thrive on being energetic, active, creative and experiencing life to the full with all my senses, especially that of feel and taste. I felt that (quite understandably), all these things were taken away from me during this period. I felt heavy, almost as if my body had been taken over by an alien. I was no longer in control of my body, mind and emotions. For someone that is normally very calm and laid back. I felt extremely moody and uncontrollably reactive. I also constantly had this terrible, strong taste in my mouth regardless of what I ate. Everything tasted horrible and alien. I literally lived on friend eggs and baked beans!

Quite simply, my body was developing this new human being it sucked up everything I had in me. My energy, creativity, motivation and enthusiasm. I was constantly tired and the most enjoyable place to be was by bed. It didn’t help that the weather seemed to be horrible most days; rain cold and wind- the joy of living in Scotland!

I tried to get some work done, and managed some, but struggled through most of it, managing to concentrate for only short spells of time. It was a horrible feeling at the time but I knew that like everything else, I had to be patient and this period was temporary. I was right. It did pass!

Stage 5- Acceptance and Contentment

After around 10 weeks, my initial symptoms began to clear which made a world of a difference in how I felt. Suddenly, my energy was back, I was able to think more clearly and control my emotions a lot better. I was once again motivated, creative and enthusiastic. I was more than used to the idea of being pregnant and could see my tummy getting bigger. I had planned how I could change my business around to accommodate the big change in our lives that was going to be our baby. My 12 week scan was beautifully overwhelming. My husband and I were in tears of joy as we saw our baby moving around in my tummy and at some point even waving at us on the scan monitor. This experience made my pregnancy suddenly felt real. We were really going to be parents! We announced the news to the world soon after. What a wonderful blessing and experience!




Bag- Micheal Kors

Necklace- H &M

Shoes-Formerly Barrats

*All Images above have been taken by Steven Hawkes*

Have you been pregnant before? What was your experience of the first three months?

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba x

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