According to colour psychology, colour has the power to influence how we feel and see things. It can even affect our mood. Green is a colour of harmony and balance, whilst yellow is a colour of confidence and optimism.

Colour is used to create moods by artists, interior designers and fashion designers alike through the use of colour schemes. Colour schemes enable us to combine very unlikely colours that blend well together to create amazing works of art. According to the 'Analogous Colour Scheme', colours next to each other on the colour wheel work well together. Using this scheme, we can easily pick out yellow and green as colours we can combine that will look fabulous together. An unlikely combination, yellow and green together creates feelings of fun, confidence and balance. What’s not to like?!

The secret to using yellow and green as a colour scheme in fashion is to wear the right shade of green or yellow to suit your colouring on your top half. The shade you choose to wear on your bottom half or in your accessories will not make a huge difference to your overall look. If you feel that your choice of yellow and green shades creates an extremely bright outfit, use neutral colours (black, brown, tan, nude or grey) in form of accessories to tone down your overall look. Alternatively, opt for a neutral coloured outfit and add pops of yellow and green in your accessories.

For more information on how to mix and match colours- read my latest book: ‘The No Black Project’. More details can be found HERE.

So, next time you are stuck for ideas on how to create a unique, colourful and fun outfit, why not opt for the yellow-green combination?

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton

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