Last week Numba was invited along to host at the exclusive opening event of the new TK Maxx flagship store in Edinburgh offering personal colour consultations to customers. I went along to the event as Numba's Assistant Personal Stylist.When we arrived to set up, the store it looked like a fairground of stalls spread over three floors, yet everything felt so new; fields of clothes hung on rails in pristine order and the store had the distinct smell of 'clean and new' about it.

We set up shop on the first floor amongst the black label womens clothing. I felt like I was in heaven, but I had to try to focus on the job at hand! We wanted to create an environment for the customers to feel welcome and comfortable as they received their colour consultations. With drinks offered to customers at the front door, that was an easy task. The event was exclusive to invited guests only which included many fashion and lifestyle bloggers as well as press. Although some are experienced when it comes to style, colour can be a daunting concept for many.

I felt TK Maxx was the perfect place to host a colour consultation as there are so many different individual pieces of clothing and accessories which can be quite overwhelming for many. However, learning about colours that compliment you and how to mix and match them can give you a better idea of what to look for and sourcing the right items becomes easier.

It was really interesting to see people change their perspective on colour; for instance, people that thought they couldn't wear bright colours and that it would be best to stick with simple black clothing left the consultation feeling more energised and confident about wearing colour and their clothing choices, which was a special thing to observe. The ladies learned how to tell the difference between certain shades, how to interpret patterns and what works best for them.

Finally, my 'take away' from the event was that both men and women have the potential to dress really well, look stylish and express their personality, however, a lack of confidence more than anything stops people from doing so- Numba empowers both men and women to feel confident in what they wear through an educated style. There is no one way to look good and no set style that needs to be worn to be considered trendy, but knowing the basics on how to enhance your personal taste can really transform a person. You will worry less about how you look, and enjoy how you feel.

Justine x