I found it! The Perfect Face Oil for Oily skin!

My oily skin has been an extreme irritation for me as far as I can remember. My skin type is probably the most problematic skin type you can get. I have oily AND sensitive skin which has always caused me problems in the past. I would either find a product that was for oily skin but not sensitive skin or vice versa. Working as a model for the best part of my twenties meant that my skincare regime had to be top priority. No one wants to photograph a model with bad skin.

I had read about facial oils and how great they can be for any skin type, but I didn’t quite believe a face oil would work for my oily and sensitive face. Why the hell would anyone want to add oil to an oily face, right? Wrong!I was proved wrong when I came across 100% Marula oil and I have not looked back since! The benefits to my facial skin have been exceptional, and for the first time in years. I have the clearest, most healthy looking facial skin I have ever had. Marula is really the perfect face oil for oily skin or sensitive skin.

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