A Fashion & Beauty Blogger's Review on a Style and Colour Consultation

I recently met with fellow blogger and talented stylist, Numba Pinkerton from Style me Flawless. The first time I met Numba for coffee, we chatted about life, fashion, blogging and the wonder of colour. She is friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. You can see for yourself over on her blog, Match up Style.

Numba invited me to her home studio for a colour and style consultation a few days later & I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t want to be pulled out of their mostly black, jam packed with nothing to wear wardrobe? Colour is something that I have always approached with caution. It’s all about knowing what shades suit you and how to put colours together to make you look healthier, slimmer and brighter. Something that I have never felt confident about...

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