5 Style and Fashion Products to Invest in for 2015

New year, new you…right? When it comes to style for your wardrobe, versatility and adaptability is key. So we have picked 5 fashion and style products that we feel deserve your investment in 2015 and will be versatile enough to use for every day life, time and time again. These products will have the power to transform your outfit from casual to smart casual in an instant, making them wearable for most occasions.

1. Navy Slim Jeans

Navy slim jeans are great alternative to smart trousers. They are very trendy and will go with every top and blazer in your wardrobe. Never buy jeans online unless you have a trusted retailer. Opt for jeans with some stretch, as they will feel more comfortable.

2. Blazer

A stylish blazer in a neutral colour such as navy, grey, brown or beige is an important investment as it has the uncanny power to transform most outfits from casual to smart casual regardless of what type of top or trousers you were with it. Purchasing this in a neutral colour makes it extremely versatile, as it will work with all other others. Never scrimp on a blazer. A good quality blazer can make your outfit look a million dollars!

3. Brooch

Never underestimate the power of a brooch. A brooch is an unlikely outfit transformer as it may be something you have never thought about. It can easily transform an outfit from OK to spectacular. It is extremely versatile and can be used on plain blazers, coats and tops to add a personal touch, making your outfit more interesting.

4. Dependable Ankle Boots

Comfortable ankle boots in brown or black will go a long way in your wardrobe as you will most likely wear them more than any other shoes. For this reason, investing in a good quality, comfortable pair ( in leather or suede) will save you money in the long term. Practical and versatile, your boots will be a great match for your jeans. Opt for more pointed boots with a small heel as they look smarter than flat boots with a rounded heel. Keep your ankle boots as simple as possible.

5. Scarf

A scarf in a colour/shade that suits you can transform your outfit in seconds. Apart from keeping you warm in colder months, a scarf can also be used as a statement accessory. A good quality scarf can make your outfit look expensive, so choose wisely. Opt for plain coloured scarves to wear on pattered outfits and go for pattered scarves to go with plain outfits. Check out our exclusive bespoke range of scarves to suit every skin type HERE.

Your personal stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

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