Why More Scottish Women are Seeking Image Consultants and Personal Stylists

"Why do you think more Scottish Women seeking Image Consultants and Personal Stylists?"As our business gets busier and busier. This is a question that I have been asked many a time by researchers, marketers and reporters. So this blog explores the dramatic increase in image consultation and personal styling bookings.

It is well known that clothing, accessories and footwear feature prominently in women’s spending habits with the UK retailing industry recording substantial growth in the last 4 years. However, as more and more Scottish women find ways to cut down on their spending and save more money, Image Consultants (also known as Personal Stylists) are in greater demand now than ever before. The image consulting industry first started in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Before that time, “image consulting” for the general public was not a familiar concept. Politicians, models, TV personalities and celebrities were the only likely candidates to hire an image consultant or receive an image makeover. Today, the demand for quality image consultants by regular women has risen to a high as new markets have emerged in Scotland.

Much has been written about women’s body image over the past decade - almost all of it suggesting that more and more women are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their physical appearance. The 1997 Psychology Today Body Image Survey shows there's more discontent with the shape of our bodies than ever before, with 56% of women being dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Image Consultants have come to women’s rescue by ensuring that they help clients look their best and feel more confi