Why Muslin Clothes are Essential for your Skincare Regime

Why use a Muslin Cloth?

Regardless of your skin type, proper deep cleansing not only prompts dry skin to become hydrated but, but removes excess oil from oily skin, and promotes proper blood circulation. The daily build up of environmental pollution, grime and grease, as well as makeup accumulates over the skin’s surface and can ultimately lead to clogged pores, acne, black heads, excessive dead skin cells and dull skin complexion.

The skin on the face is very delicate so being too vigorous or using the wrong exfoliating products can damage the skin barrier; the layer of oils and proteins that maintain its moisture and protects it from impurities. Stripped of this barrier, your face is at risk of breakouts and premature ageing.

Muslin cloths, particularly made from organic cotton fabric of plain weave and from a wide range of weights, are perfect for cleansing the face. They not only remove makeup but gently exfoliate skin whist cleansing and dry much quicker hence are more hygienic. A muslin cloth can be a great alternative to facial scrubs for people with sensitive skin, and for those with normal skin, facial exfoliating can be reduced to once or twice a week only.

How to use a Muslin Cloth

A muslin cloth works best with a cream cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, the combination of a muslin and good cream cleanser makes such a difference to your skin; making it smoother, glowy, fresher and younger. After applying the cleansing cream, rinse the cloth in hot water and remove using a gentle circular motion.

Finish with a splash of cold water to close the pores.

Why are Muslin Cloths so effective?

1. They have a gentle exfoliating action that leaves skin clean and really smooth, minimising the excessive use of exfoliating products.

2. They help to remove any lasting residues of dirt or make-up without scratching the skin.

3. They are re-usable and are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton. This makes them far more environmentally friendly than cotton wool. To clean them, just stick them in the washing machine on a cold wash.

4. They dry very quickly, which prevents the growth of bacteria.

So, why not try incorporating a muslin cloth in your skincare regime and see the difference it makes to your face?

Not sure about your skin type and what products would be most suitable, check out our skincare consultation HERE.

Your personal stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

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