How to Wear a Skirt in Autumn/Winter for a Stylish Look

I am a big fun of skirts because they can look really feminine and stylish if worn correctly. They are also very versatile, making them wearable with many different kinds of tops and sweaters. They can be dressed up for work with a feminine shirt/blouse or dressed down with a thick polo/turtle neck jumper. So when others are thinking of putting their skirts away for winter, keep yours out, for autumn is the best season to create some stylish looks with your skirt.

Basic Rules:

  • Always wear stockings or leggings with your skirt.

  • You can wear knee length boots or ankles length boots depending on the length of your skirt. Ankle length boots are more suited to longer skirts.

  • Pick a neutral colour of skirt that can be mixed and matched with various tops/jumpers in your wardrobe. If the skirt is patterned, pick one with a dominant neutral colour. Colours such as brown, beige, black, navy, denim blue, white and cream always work best whether plain or patterned.

  • Finish off your look with a stylish trench coat or three quarter length coat.

Here are three main looks to go for:

The Midi- Skirt

A midi skirt is always a winter favourite for me. A midi skirt in a thick material such as wool, denim, heavy cotton or leather is perfect for autumn/winter, as it can look feminine and elegant, yet keep you warm in the colder months. A midi skirt also has a spectacular slimming effect, by highlighting the slimmest parts of your body- your waist and lower legs.

The midi skirt can sometimes be a hard one to wear depending on your height. A midi skirt that is too short makes you look squat, whilst one that is too long makes you tool like a big woman. If you are short, stick to a skirt that hits just above or below the knee. If you are tall, any length will work just as long as it does not go below your ankles. Ideally, your skirt should hit mid shin- where your legs begin to slim out. Opt for a high waisted a-line midi skirt that will highlight your lovely waist.

Team with a fitted turtle neck top for a causal look, or a printed blouse paired with a lovely cardigan. Finish off with lovely studded earings, a small scarf and square handbag.

CLICK HERE for reference Pictures.

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the longest running silhouettes in fashion. It has a flattering look when worn right on just about any figure. Pencil skirts scan be attractive for office ladies or business woman who want to show off their curves. Care has to be taken to choose the right length. Choose one that hits your mid-knees for a timeless, elegant and stylish look. With a tucked in shirt/blouse or belted jacket it can give the wearer a long lean line whilst showing off the legs. Add a slim waist belt to bring focus to your waist, making it look tiny.

Team with a peplum top or jacket (for boyish or hourglass figures) to create a waist or slim a waist.

A leather pencil skirt is surprisingly very flattering and chic, as well as very wearable. It can be worn with anything from lacy tops to woollen jackets. Wear your leather skirt this season with a printed fur coat, in line with this season’s trends.

CLICK HERE for reference Pictures.

The Mini Skirt

A mini skirt can also be made to look stylish in autumn/winter. When worn correctly, the mini skirt can actually look quite chic! Wear a mini skirt only is you have slim legs, as it can be very unflattering otherwise. Team with a thick turtle neck blouse (to balance out the mini-skirt), black opaque tights and black boots, and a three quarter coat to complete your winter look.

CLICK HERE for reference Pictures.

Your personal stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

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