10 Steps to Achieving a Stylish Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Autumn is finally here, and if you have found yourself bewilderedly standing in front of your wardrobe on a recent chilly day and trying to remember just how to go about dressing for colder weather, you are not alone. The shops are buzzing with new autumn/winter clothing ranges and magazines are at lengths to entice us with ‘must-have’ items; bombarding us with new ideas frequently. It’s no wonder must of us are confused about what to wear and our wardrobes are a mess. We end up feeling overwhelmed by the huge choice available on the high-street or frustrated by clothes that don't fit, and spend thousands of wasted pounds on clothes we never end up wearing. We find it hard to put outfits together and end up wearing the same few outfits, including our usual, safe ‘black’. The secret to looking stylish this autumn/winter and making the most of your wardrobe is simple. It requires careful preparation and planning coupled with strategic organisation and purposeful shopping.

Step 1: Know your Colours and Styles

  • If you have already had a style and consultation, look back at your notes and colour swatches to remind you of what colours work best for you. This will help you prepare for your autumn wardrobe and help make more informed decisions about your wardrobe, which will save you plenty of time and money.

  • If you have not had a consultation done, the process will still help with organising your wardrobe, although the results will not be as effective and you may end up wasting money by purchasing wrong styles and colours. An image consultant can help you identify what styles and colours work best for you.