10 Steps to Achieving a Stylish Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Autumn is finally here, and if you have found yourself bewilderedly standing in front of your wardrobe on a recent chilly day and trying to remember just how to go about dressing for colder weather, you are not alone. The shops are buzzing with new autumn/winter clothing ranges and magazines are at lengths to entice us with ‘must-have’ items; bombarding us with new ideas frequently. It’s no wonder must of us are confused about what to wear and our wardrobes are a mess. We end up feeling overwhelmed by the huge choice available on the high-street or frustrated by clothes that don't fit, and spend thousands of wasted pounds on clothes we never end up wearing. We find it hard to put outfits together and end up wearing the same few outfits, including our usual, safe ‘black’. The secret to looking stylish this autumn/winter and making the most of your wardrobe is simple. It requires careful preparation and planning coupled with strategic organisation and purposeful shopping.

Step 1: Know your Colours and Styles

  • If you have already had a style and consultation, look back at your notes and colour swatches to remind you of what colours work best for you. This will help you prepare for your autumn wardrobe and help make more informed decisions about your wardrobe, which will save you plenty of time and money.

  • If you have not had a consultation done, the process will still help with organising your wardrobe, although the results will not be as effective and you may end up wasting money by purchasing wrong styles and colours. An image consultant can help you identify what styles and colours work best for you.

Step 2: Analyse your Wardrobe

  • Unless you have a walk in wardrobe similar to Sarah Jessica parker’s in ‘Sex and the City’, you simply cannot have all your seasonal clothes clumped together in the same wardrobe.

  • Open your wardrobes and drawers and go through each item one by one, analysing them carefully to help you determine which items to keep and which items to get rid of.

Step 3: De-clutter

  • De-cluttering is a great way of cleansing your wardrobe and personal life and you always feel so much better for it.

  • Get rid of all clothes and shoes you would wear only in summer and store them appropriately, either in folded away in bags or in a wardrobe you don’t use.

  • Get rid of clothing that is worn, is not in your colour palette (Tops, sweaters, cardigans and jackets mainly), and clothes you have not worn in the last three years. You can sell, give to charity or trash.

Step 4: Reorganise your wardrobe

  • Arrange clothing according to type and colours, i.e. Separate trousers, jeans, skirts, tops, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, coats and accessories (shoes, bags, hats, scarves, etc.) and then arrange these according to colours and shades. For example, blues together, reds together, browns and beiges together, etc.

  • Make a list of what’s missing in your wardrobe. You can be as generic or as specific as you want. For example, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 cardigans, 1 coat, 2 pairs of casual trousers, 2 pairs of boots.

Step 5: Get comfortable with the idea of Mixing and Matching

  • The secret to making the most of your wardrobe is learning how to mix and match clothing and accessories. One of the most basic methods to do this effectively is to remember that neutral colours can go with virtually any colour. Therefore, invest in neutral coloured trousers, skirts and jackets which will form the basis of your wardrobe.

Step 6: Know Your Trends

  • The trends for autumn/winter 2014 include: Animal prints, fur coats, sixties prints and cuts, male-type tailoring, ponchos, capes, sportswear and all over knits.

  • Incorporating the latest trends into your wardrobe is fairly easy. 80% of your clothes should be classic and 20% trendy.

Step 7: Have a Budget

  • There are two main types of shoppers, those that go to the shops frequently and buy a few items every month or those that save up and have a big shopping trip every season. Regardless of your shopping preferences, set up a budget that you can afford and that will match up to what you really need.

Step 8: Shopping

  • Head to the shops with a clear idea of what you need and avoid the temptation to buy items that you do not really need or cannot be worn more than once.

Step 9: Using a Personal Shopper/ Personal stylist

  • A good personal shopper can really save you huge amounts of time and money in the long term. With a focused approach, an objective eye on you and your requirements and detailed knowledge of body shapes, styles and colours, you can expect to return from your shopping trip with items that make you look young and stylish, suit your personal colouring and body shape, as well as complement your lifestyle and personality.

  • You will never have to feel overwhelmed by the huge choice available on the high-street or frustrated by clothes that don't fit, and save thousands of wasted pounds and pennies on clothes you never end up wearing. A good personal shopper will make sure you invest your money very wisely when you shop.

  • I always recommend booking a bigger seasonal shopping trip with a personal shopper for essential items to last you for the whole season, which can then be topped up with small monthly purchases that can be done on your own.

  • The sale period is also a good time to hire a personal shopper as you get more items with great value for your money.

Step 10: Review your Purchases

  • So the shopping trip is over and you are still excited! Go over your purchases the next day and figure out what items you already have that you can match to your new items. Return any items you are not entirely happy with or ones you feel you won’t wear regularly.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article and you find it useful. Many of my clients have benefited from recent shopping trips to prepare for the autumn winter season and left with some amazing pieces- clothing, shoes and accessories, so if you haven’t already done, so please feel free to contact me to arrange a personal shopping session. You can check out all the options HERE.

If you are interested in my other services (Colour Consultation, Style Consultation, or Wardrobe Weeding/Restyle), you can find more information can be found HERE.

Remember, when you look after your body and appearance, you feel good about yourself and everyone around you benefits.

Your personal stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

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