Spring Fashion Fix Event- Aberdeen

On Thursday the 17th of April, I travelled all the way to Aberdeen to present at the Union Square shopping Centre Spring Fashion Fix Event. I was asked to talk about the importance of colour and how to mix and match colours!

I got there at about 11.30am and I had 10 minutes to get dressed and prepare for my first talk which was ta 12pm, I had three other talks that day. This went very well and I had a long queue of people waiting to do one-to-one consultations, some of whom had heard about colour consultations, but many of whom had no idea what it was all about.

After demonstrating on each individual using some specifically dyed colour capes, I was able to physically show clients what colour shades worked better (enhancing their facial features) and the ones that did not work well (making them look worse off- tired, older and frumpier). I was also able to advise clients on how to mix and match colours to create more outfit combinations and also what colours and patterns are on trend this spring. For most clients, this was an enlightening experience and certainly made it easier for them to make more informed purchases that day.

With spring in the air, and with trends leaning towards more and more colour, it is no wonder most people want to find out what colours work best for them to avoid buying the wrong colours and save money in the process.So overall a great and fun day of consultations and meeting lots of different kinds of people, both young and older. I finished at 7pm and enjoyed a lovely meal before heading back to Glasgow at 8.40pm. I have to say I love Aberdeen, full of lovely friendly people!

Numba Pinkerton

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