How Brooches can Transform your Outfit!

Brooches are one of the very few versatile accessories we can use, yet one of the most overlooked. They are classic yet very modern and relevant to today’s style and fashion. They can transform your outfit from plain to elegant or simply give you an edge.


Here are just some of the few ways of wearing a brooch:

On your dress- Pin one at your wait, the centre or left side of your neckline depending on your dress. A simple dress goes a long way, but a simple dress with a surprising accessory goes even further. A brooch on your dress can add some glam to your outfit and a subtle elegance that will make you stand out.

To close a cardigan- Close your cardigan with a bold design, this subtle detail will have others asking where bought such a beautiful brooch!

On your blazer or winter coat- Pin it to the left side of your jacket on or as close as possible to your sleeve to add that wow factor to your plain jacket or coat.

In your updo- Tuck one into your updo, it will make it really pop and will automatically make your look put together.


With so many choices available, picking a brooch can be a very exciting task once you really get into it! There are some tips on how to pick a brooch:

Go for one that matches your colour tone or your favourite colour- You are bound to feel great wearing a brooch in a colour you love or one that suits you.

Do you suit silver or gold? Does you skin have a yellow or blue undertone? If you have a blue undertone, you suit silver, and if you have a yellow undertone, you would suit gold. Sometimes combining a bright colour with silver or gold can add that wow factor to your brooch.

Choose a design that means something to you- For example, if you like nature: plants, birds, animals, etc pick a brooch that symbolises that. Makes an interesting topic if someone asks you about your brooch!

Go vintage! vintage brooches are simply stunning and can add to your vintage look. They are also perfect for a winter coat because they can be a bit heavy and a winter coat is durable enough to support them.

I hope this blog inspires you to buy and wear more brooches!

By Numba Pinkerton

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