10 Easy Ways To Dress Yourself Slim

If you've been shunning any form of exercise or over-indulging on your favourite treats lately and now the panic has kicked in, relax - it's still possible to look your best everyday.

The next best thing to workouts and eating right? Figure flattering styles…

Here are 10 Tips on how to look instantly slimmer, whatever your body shape or size. Prepare for compliments!

1. Pick your prints wisely.

Prints aren't as slimming as solid colours, but you can make them work for you by playing up their camouflaging features. The golden rule of prints: The smaller the print, the smaller you look.

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2. Sport the right blazer

Jackets that are hip-length with tailored lines will look sleek; ones that are too baggy or that pull are figure-flattery disasters. Tapered blazers will always whittle your waist.

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3. Slip on a Structured Coat

Swap your cardigans for structured coats to create a more stylish look. Waist-length cardigans tend to shorten your body while long, hip-grazing coats make torsos seem long. Try and have them ending above your knee-line.

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4. Look for these flattering Tailored Trousers Features

Flat-front styles. They're instant minimisers if you're curvy. Unlike pleats, a flat front creates an unbroken line across your stomach—making you look taller and slimmer. A waistband between one and two inches wide. Narrower ones can divide (and draw attention to) a tummy bulge. A smidge of stretch will you’re your trousers hold on to the clean, sharp fit you bought them for.

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5. Wear any shade of red!

Wearing something in this fabulous hue is a definite DO. Red soaks up the light in all the right ways, and it also gives an instant confidence boost! Weather you opt for Lipstick Red, Blue-Red, Burgundy or Pink your outfit will look super stylish!

Image Credit: Via Harpers Bazzar

6. Dress up jeans with heels (and tuck in your top)

Ever wonder why you see this look again and again on celebs, in ads, in magazines? Because, done right, it makes every woman look longer and leaner. If you are wearing skinny jeans, fold the hem twice and let the hem sit just over your jeans.

Image Credit: Via Pinterest

7. Try the scarf and straight-leg jeans combo.

Long, pretty scarves and dark, straight-cut jeans are better when combined. The always flattering, forever-in-style straight-leg jeans slim hips and thighs, while a patterned scarf will draw attention to your gorgeous face.

Image Credit: Via Who What Wear

8. Invest in courts that match your skin tone.

Another slimming footwear idea? Skin-tone heels—they're second only to Spanx in the celeb style-secret handbook. Perfect for wearing with knee-length and midthigh skirts, they can add a few more inches to your legs. Be warned—the skin-tone-shoe trick works only with bare legs. Once paired with colour tights, the optical illusion is ruined, so save this genius idea for days when you have door-to-door transportation!

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9. Slip on a long necklace.

Not only are these statement necklaces totally trendy, but the elongated V shape will make your torso seem extra long and lean. Make yours stand out even more by wearing over a light-colour top.

Image Credit: Via Pinterest

10.Layer darker colours under lighter ones.

In the future, people will look back and dub us the generation that perfected the art of layering. Seriously, think about it: How many coats, sweaters, cardigans and sheer shirts do you own? Maximize their slimming potential by putting on your darkest colours first.

Image Credit: Via Pinterest

I hope you found this useful.

I look forward to sharing more useful tips and tricks with you in the future.

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Yours With Style,

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