Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: £75




Ever wondered why some of your friends or people you know always take amazing photo’s, yet you can't ever seem to get it right?

You are not alone.


Posing is a skill, although it does come more naturally to certain people than it does to others. I completely believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and the secret to taking amazing images is to first believe in your own beauty and perfection and then understand how to work your angles and features. Easy when you know how!  The good news is that posing can be learnt. For whatever reason, whether wanting better images for your social media or professional use, learning the skills to pose effectively (and naturally) and showcase your best self can be very empowering and enhance your personal or professional life.


Walking beautifully with purpose, confidence and poise can also be learnt and developed. This can dramatically improve your body language, image and confidence. My posing and walking consultation is designed to improve your posture, posing and photographic modelling skills.


Why consult with me?


I became a professional model at the age of 19 and have since worked as a fashion and commercial model throughout the UK and have been published in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Idol Magazine, alongside local magazines such as the Saturday and Sunday Herald. I have also been fortunate to grace many catwalks over the years including taking part in London Fashion Week. Following my passion for teaching, I have since been involved in consulting upcoming models, actors/actresses, as well as real men and women in areas such as Posing, Body Language, Personal Appearance/Image and Walking with confidence. This experience and well as my Image Consulting Training ensures you are receiving a high standard consultation.


What Does the Consultation Involve?


The consultation involves both theoretical and practical sessions throughout.


Topics include:


  • Accepting and appreciating your unique beauty and appearance

  • Understanding your body and facial features.

  • How to get the most from your images or photographs

  • Types of 'natural poses' for different types of themes 

  • Facial expressions and creating emotion

  • How to Create good Posture and positive body language

  • How to walk with poise, purpose and confidence to enhance your masculinity or femininity.


My sessions are both easy going and fun, so if you want to combine some fun with learning some unique skills, this session might just be the one for you. I look forward to working with you.


Numba Pinkerton.