Do you want to wear more colour?



Duration: 3-5 Working Days

Cost: £75



Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel, how others perceive us and even how we combine our clothing and accessories. When we get it right, it transforms our look, our wardrobe and our shopping habits.​ Colour is a fantastic tool for giving your overall look an instant boost. By simply wearing colours (shades) that complement your features or natural colouring, you can instantly enhance your natural looks; appearing healthier, vibrant and younger.  

I am a huge lover of colour and I truly believe it can effect your mood and confidence. When you feel confident in the colours you are wearing you simply look better. 


What I have discovered over the many years I have been showing my clients the colours that suit them, is that sometimes we don’t like the colours that suit us! So I have developed a way to help you tailor your colour palette so that it is truly yours and one you love, incorporating colours that you love but may not necessarily suit you.


The Colour Dossier is the start point, it’s an online colour analysis service with a big difference to seeing a colour consultant. It’s packed full of information about which colours suit you, plus some extras I have added to personalise it based on what you love. It also contains information on makeup, jewellery and how to mix your colours together to create outfits. 


Click buy now to buy your personalised colour dossier for just £75

Your Personalised Colour Dossier


Is a digital booklet full of colour and ideas to help you make dressing (and makeup) easy. And it’s personalised just for you.


How does it work?

You purchase the Dossier online (see below), answer a few quick questions, send a photo and within a few days (3-5 Working Days) you will receive your Dossier all done via email.


What’s included?

  • An analysis of your colouring telling you which are your best colours including key neutrals and accent colours 

  • A set of 35 colours (Shades) that suit your colouring plus Any other extra Colours that you can incorporate into your palette even if they don't suit you!

  • How to wear colour – showing you some outfit ideas you can use as inspiration for creating your own

  • Your best authority colour and your best attention grabbing colour

  • How to wear black, if you want to, I will show you how to make it work for you!

  • Colours for glasses and jewellery

  • A Personalised Makeup Capsule wardrobe 


Included is a suggestion for:

  • Base – which, depending on your requirements could include a primer, tinted moisturiser and/or foundation

  • Powder

  • Eyeshadows for day and evening

  • Eye pencils for day and evening

  • Mascara

  • Blusher

  • Highlighter/Shader

  • 3 Lipsticks; an everyday colour, a pink/peach depending whether you are warm or cool, your best red

  • Application tips

  • A list of essential tools and brushes


How will you benefit?

Instead of wondering whether you should spend a month’s salary on that coat because you aren’t sure about the colour, go armed with information, so you don’t make costly mistakes in the future.

Say yes to “Living in colour” it will revolutionise your wardrobe and make shopping much more fun!

You will be able to decide which colours you want to wear, that you feel fabulous in, rather than being dictated to about what you “should” wear or “can’t” wear.

You will be able to shop for makeup confidently.


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