Hi, I am Numba Pinkerton, Your Personal Stylist from Glasgow, Scotland. This is My Story; My Style Transformation Journey:


Most of my clients today were exactly in the same position I was in 10 years ago; I didn’t understand how to project who I was on the inside onto the outside. I had so much to give on the inside (love, care, intelligence, humour and creativity), yet my outer appearance reflected the opposite of who I was on the inside.

"My outer appearance was letting me down."


You see, no one told me that just like you learn how to cook, read or apply make-up, style can also be learned. No one told me that style is a skill that is not only reserved for the elite few, but that everyone can access it. So I struggled on; looking at magazines and reading blogs in the hope of getting some inspiration and improving my style, but to no avail. Infact, I spent more and more money every year, ending up in significant debt! I knew there was something missing and I had to do something about it. I had to take action. I read a few books about colour and styling for your body shape, but most were very complicated. Reading these books didn't teach me much about practically transforming my own style.


Luckily, everything changed when I trained as an Image Consultant/Personal Stylist 5 years ago. I finally understood the whole concept of style! By learning about image, style, colour, wardrobe management and shopping, I able to help others transform their style but more importantly, transform my own style, my appearance and consequently my lifestyle. Getting dressed became effortless and wardrobe malfunctions a thing of a past! I was able to have less in my wardrobe, yet look stylish everyday. I couldn't believe how easy it was once I knew how!

"I became more confident

in my image and style choices."



I began spending the money I saved on things that actually matter more to me in life: spending more time with family and friends, travelling the world, better skincare products and investing in my surroundings (my beautiful new home). Even better, I stopped wearing too much black (I didn’t need to). I had an array of colours I could rely on.

Developing these skills changed my life so much that I made it my mission to educate as many men women on everything I had learned, because it is honesty so easy when you know how! More importantly, I wanted to make style easy for women. I wanted to make sure that women can develop the skills to look stylish everyday with minimum effort regardless of their size or colouring; after all, we are all busy trying to juggle many different roles in life.


So I created a book for the busy woman who still wants to take pride in her appearance and look stylish; the woman who wants to look and feel fabulous with LESS TIME, LESS MONEY AND LESS CLOTHING . I launched my bestselling book-The No Black Project Style Book in October, 2016, where I share plenty of tips on how to dress effortlessly and create a stylish mix and match wardrobe. The No Black Project Style Book  can be found  HERE.


Personal Style is So much Like Interior Design!


We all love decorating our houses, picking paint colours, furniture, beautiful wall paper patterns, cushions in different textures and accessories to complete the look. We love to use our creativity in creating different moods in each room. We want designs that have a ‘wow factor’. 


Think about how much easier it would be to decorate your house if you had all the knowledge about interior colours, patterns, fabrics, design styles, etc?

How much more fun could you have with decorating?

How much money would you save getting the right items for your decorating first hand and avoid costly mistakes?

How much easier would it be to decorate, knowing you had all the tools to create any look or design style you wanted?

Personal Styling is very similar to interior design.  


With the right knowledge, you have much more freedom to buy and style your clothing and accessories in any way you want whilst looking stylish, every single day!  And best of all,  IT’S EFFORTLESS!


That's what I teach at Style Me Flawless. With my proven methods, I have helped hundreds of men and women (literally!) to develop their personal style and develop an image more suited to their personality and lifestyle.I reveal all the secrets that most personal fashion stylists wont tell you in my style book- The No Black Project and show you practical ways to take your style to the next level in my package consultations for Men and Women.


'I have a very logical (and creative) approach to style

which makes me different from other stylists.'  

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Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton xx


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