Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £75
Includes: 2 Final Options (Haircut & Colour)

If you’re a stylish man, then you already know that just taking care of your clothes and shoes aren’t going to cut it. Whichever boat you’re in, remember that how it looks matters!


  • You will receive advice on what hairstyles and cuts to suit your individual face shape, hair texture and facial features. 

  • You will receive examples of pictures to demonstrate the different hairstyles.

  • You will receive advice on how to maintain healthy hair.

  • You will receive advice on how best to style your hair.

  • Advice on the best men's products for styling hair and specifically which ones apply to your hair type.

  • Advice on how best to groom your beard or stubble (if applicable).

  • Advice on the best men's grooming gadgets.

  • Advice on a good skincare routine and products


Hair can be considered the main component in the completion of your look. Have  you ever seen someone who got a new haircut, and it seemed to completely change their look? Because everyone is so different in their hair colour, texture, and thickness, an image consultant can help you make more informed decisions about what hairstyles and cuts suit you individually.  Even though you may really want a specific hairstyle, sometimes you have to accept that it won’t work for you due to your hair texture or head shape.


Grooming is a wide-subject, however, grooming can make a big difference to your look and image. With top tips from an experienced image consultant on personal grooming, you can improve your general look simply by learning simple grooming techniques and tips that will make a big difference to your image, appearance and style.


After the consultation, you can contact your local hairdresser to create our new look (to be paid for separately).


This session can be combined with Men's Image and Style Consulting. For offers and packages, CLICK HERE.




"A thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial hair consultation with Numba. She summarised everything perfectly and concisely leaving me well educated and with a great plan that's working better than I could have hoped. I can't thank or recommend her enough." 

—  David G, Glasgow, Scotland