*Includes Colour Analysis for all members of your group and fabric colour swatches to take home.


The key to looking your absolute best is colour. When you get your colours right, you’ll see the difference instantly; the magical moment when a colour lights up your face, makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.   


By simply wearing colours that complement your features, you can instantly enhance your natural looks; appearing younger, slimmer and healthier. Colour is also the back bone of style; therefore, to be able to to create a good mix and match wardrobe, a thorough understanding of colour is required. 

Why not combine a great time with your family or friends and host a group colour consultation, which all women can relate too? Its a great way to get everyone involved, including those not so keen on fashion and trends. My sessions are always fun, enthusiastic and entertaining whilst being educational.

During this session, you will discover your best colour shades and how to wear them in clothing, accessories and make-up. This new found knowledge will be the start of a deep natural confidence and a stylish wardrobe that stays with you forever.

More details about what is involved in a colour consultation can be found HERE.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Cost: From £87 per person

Minimum No.: 2 People

Location: Glasgow, Edinburgh and Surrounding Areas (No extra Cost).


A one-to-one colour consultation is normally £137 in person and £117 for the virtual consultation.

For 2 people, the cost is £107 pp for an in-person consultation or £87 pp for the virtual consultation

For groups between 3-4 people, cost is £87 pp for an in-person consultation or £77 pp for the virtual consultation


  • Analyse the impact of various colour shades to discover those that suit you best.

  • Identify your unique colour group and colour palette

  • Learn how to easily recognise your best shades when shopping or weeding out your wardrobe (without relying on your wallet)

  • Discover your best colour shades for clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up.

  • Learn how to mix and match colours to create different looks

  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations

  • *You will be provided with visual examples throughout the consultation

  • *You will receive a fabric colour wallet (containing all your colours) and a printed version to take home.