Frequently Asked Questions


Are you new to personal styling or image consultancy? Find out how they can transform your life forever!






1.What is an Image Consultant/Personal Stylist?

  • An image consultant is a trained professional who works with individuals on their appearance.

  • They offer help with style & fashion, wardrobe, beauty, hair and confidence. Services are offered to busy professionals, stay at home mums, relationship seekers, job seekers, TV personalities, artists, models and anyone who would like a change in their image or a confidence boost.



2.Why do I need an Image Consultant/ Personal Stylist?

  • Image consultants empower you to be the best version of yourself (stylish, confident and self-motivated) regardless of your lifestyle, age, size or personality.

  • Hiring  me as your Personal stylist can save you money in the long term- You will be helped to identify exactly what works for you, (and what doesn’t) and how to budget for clothing & accessories, so that you don’t waste money on wrong buys. A few wrong buys over a year could be the down payment for a flight to a holiday destination!

  • Image consultancy/Personal Styling is very similar to interior design. Just as well designed interiors enhances a room’s appearance, a well projected image and sense of style enhances each individual.

  • Image matters because people often make judgements and assumptions based on limited information about you. Your image will strongly influence other people’s perception of you and have a significant impact on your personal life, relationships and career development.

  • The wrong image can affect your self-esteem and confidence. You are likely to miss out on good opportunities in life. An image consultant can help you look and feel your best whilst projecting an Image that enhances people’s perception of you in any area of your life.


3. Why can I trust you with my image or Style?

  • My professional training in Image Consulting (Diploma) and experience in working with different types of clients has provided me with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to assist clients in enhancing their personal attributes and to realise a dynamic, stylish and more confident self. I am renowned for my innate creative eye, intuitive sensitivity, passion for style and commitment to helping people.

  • I strongly believe every client is individual and my personalised approach means that I work tirelessly with my clients on a long term basis to ensure they achieve their image goals. My approach has always been for my services to be practical, friendly and affordable.I work alongside a strong team of experts in the fashion industry.

  • I'm keen to change attitudes towards personal styling and shopping for everyday people so that it isn't seen as something for an elite few – after all we each deserve to look our absolute best. I have worked successfully with many clients (both men and women) to help them achieve a confident and stylish personal image that is unique to them. I can help you achieve the image to which you aspire.



4.What difference will Image Consulting/Personal Styling make to my life?

  • You will be empowered to be the best version of yourself (stylish, confident and self-motivated) regardless of your lifestyle, age, size or personality.

  • You will look and feel good which will make you feel happier and enjoy life more.

  • People will perceive you differently: They will view you as someone who is attractive, stylish, confident, self-motivated and full of energy. You will become an inspiration to others.

  • Image consulting will increase your self-confidence and esteem.

  • You will attract better things in life; A better lifestyle, partner or job.

  • Hiring an Image consultant is an investment in your personal development. It is a reflection on how much you love yourself, value yourself and want to better yourself. It is a choice that can be made by only you.



5.What are some of the areas I can get help in?

Whatever, your situation or circumstances, my  services can be tailored to sit you.


  • Do you want to look more stylish and trendy but don't know how or where to start?

  • Do you want to save money simply by understanding your body, your features and what works best for you?

  • Do you want to become more confident in your general appearance?

  • Have you had the same style for many years and simply need a change?

  • Are you seeking promotion or need to establish a more powerful image and increased self-confidence after promotion?

  • Do you want to reinvent yourself after a career transition or relationship break?

  • Have you been made redundant and need to improve your overall image and confidence for interviews?

  • Are you a new mum and still want to look great despite changes in your body?

  • Are you a stay at home mum who has lost touch with your appearance and Image and want to give yourself such much needed ‘me’ time, a new image or a confidence boost?

  • Have you recently lost weight and would like to discover new ways of styling yourself?

  • Are you plus size and still want to look stylish and feel confident about your image?

  • Have you just arrived in the UK and need some assistance on how to adapt to the new culture and environment?

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