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Take your image from ordinary to inspired and embrace the new you.

Let me guess….

It's been a long time since you felt great about yourself

​You've had the same hairstyle (or make-up look) and  for so long, that you are desperately longing for change. 

You dread socialising because you struggle to put together outfits you are happy with.

You have no idea what works for you so you keeping buying the same black tops, stripy t shirts and skinny jeans- But, you are no further forward in enhancing your style.


-You're a version of yourself that you've always wanted to be but didnt know how.

-You have a brand new hairstyle in line with your personality

- Everything in your wardrobe fits, flatters, and makes you feel amazing!

- You are confident in putting a wide range of outfits together for any occasion- and look super styling EVERY.  SINGLE. TIME.

- Shopping is a simple, pleasurable and exciting experience- you know exactly what to look for.

- You save money in the long run, while still looking and feeling your best everyday. You have arrived!

Well, you don't NEED to imagine because all of these things

are possible for you.

Are you ready to embrace the new you?

Yeah, I thought so! Let me help you bring out the beauty that I know lies within.

Step back and get ready to take your image to the next level-


You are only a few hours away from the woman you've always wanted to be.


After 10 years of styling hundreds of women. I’ve created a programme that will take your stye and image to the next level- faster than any other programmes out there. 


No more time wasting, no more money wasting,

no more guesswork.


Let me show you what we cover in The Image Lab

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Avoid costly mistakes and hairstyle disasters by discovering exactly what Hairstyles, cuts and colours will suit your unique facial features, reflect your personality and enhance your appearance.

  • Receive advice on your best hairstyles, cuts and colours - based on your face shape and colouring.

  • Receive 3 final hairstyle recommendations, including images of your face in the best hairstyles

  • Discover the top hair products you need to get your hair looking healthy and luscious

  • Get my secret tips to care for your hair for healthy looking hair.

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Discover styles of clothes that actually fit and flatter… no more changing room meltdowns!

•    Identify your body type (don’t worry, it's not named after a fruit or mathematical instrument!)
•    Uncover the styles and cuts that work best for your shape, including: Tops, Trousers, Jeans, Skirts, Blazers, Jackets and Coats
•    Learn how to dress for your unique body proportions whether you are tall, petite, plus size or anywhere in-between
•    Recognise the most flattering designs to look out for in clothing
•    Identify your unique style personality

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Style is 70% colour. Tap into skills that are normally reserved for personal stylists, and become an expert at putting together creative and stylish outfits.

•    Explore the many benefits of colour in style & fashion
•    Understand how colour works, so you'll always know what to look for in the shops AND how to wear different colours together
•    Identify the best colour palette to build YOUR ideal, effortless mix-and-match wardrobe

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