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The three-step process to dressing better,shopping better and creating more outfits with your clothes.

Let me guess….

You keep buying new clothes but you can't seem to create outfits you love.

The colours you used to love suddenly don't feel right.

Your shape has changed and you have no idea what styles suit you now.

You wear the same outfits relentlessly, yet some pieces remain in your wardrobe untouched.

- Shopping has become frustrating because you can never find ANYTHING that works for your shape, age or lifestyle.

- You've resorted to wearing a lot of black because you have no idea how to use colour to its full potential.

- You struggle to feel stylish, comfortable and joyful in what you wear. 

- You might have tried the advice of the fashion magazines or online blogs, but it never works and as a result you’ve wasted SO much money on the wrong clothes.

- You might have tried the advice of the fashion magazines or online blogs, but it never works and as a result you’ve wasted SO much money on the wrong clothes.

- You ask your girlfriends for help and feedback, but they base their advice on what they like, not necessarily what works on you.

Sadly, you've lost your way with style. You know you need help if you want things to change.


- Everything in your wardrobe fits, flatters, and makes you feel amazing!

- You're more confident and creative with colour… no more dressing all in black every single day!

- You have a fail-safe system for choosing and putting together outfits that look great every time.

- Shopping is a simple, pleasurable and exciting experience- you know exactly what to look for.

- You save money in the long run, while still looking stylish everyday

Well, you don't NEED to imagine because all of these things

are possible for you.

Are you ready to use tried and tested stylist skills to create stylish outfit effortlessly? 

Yeah, I thought so. Let's put some strategy behind those outfits and maximise the use of your current wardrobe.

Step back and get ready to take your style to the next level-


You are only a few hours away from the style you've always wanted for the cost of a jacket.


After 10 years of styling hundreds of women. I’ve created a system that allows you to dress for your shape, experiment with colour, and build a stylish capsule wardrobe you'll love…more intuitively,


Without spending a fortune on new clothes 


Let me show you what we cover in The Style & Colour Lab

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Discover styles of clothes that actually fit and flatter… no more changing room meltdowns!

•    Identify your body type (don’t worry, it's not named after a fruit or mathematical instrument!)
•    Uncover the styles and cuts that work best for your shape, including: Tops, Trousers, Jeans, Skirts, Blazers, Jackets and Coats
•    Learn how to dress for your unique body proportions whether you are tall, petite, plus size or anywhere in-between
•    Recognise the most flattering designs to look out for in clothing
•    Identify your unique style personality

Curly brunette dark-skinned woman in white blouse and khaki shorts smiles widely and holds



Style is 70% colour. Tap into skills that are normally reserved for personal stylists, and become an expert at putting together creative and stylish outfits.

•    Explore the many benefits of colour in style & fashion
•    Understand how colour works, so you'll always know what to look for in the shops AND how to wear different colours together
•    Identify the best colour palette to build YOUR ideal, effortless mix-and-match wardrobe

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Maximise your wardrobe with all the creative styling techniques and tactics that only the best-dressed women know about. Get ready to create stunning outfits in less than 7 minutes!